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Sayin bye to Janina

me n Jasmine, another wee hunny

The girls playing football with their new teachers

Swimming lessons for the older boys

At the beach with Christian family and friends

Christian and Mary at da beach

Carol in the back of the rick shaw

With Walter , mum n cousins

With Consuelo n Vikki the maids from Ileanas house

How nice was it to arrive in Lima, felt like arriving in a second home. Taxi price I bartered as usual, back to Loa Manzanos where I made to feel like guest of honour returning from many travels in foreign lands!!

Part of which was true mind ya!!

Day 1 took me to the muchas cheapness market Polvos Azules where I bought hunners o presents(none for me :( )at awffy cheap prices, yippeee. Then the Puericultorio, where I was really made to feel like a celebrity, every time any kids saw me they screamed my name and came running towards me :)

Nice to be back!

Sunday was a trip back to Canto Grande to visit ma wee Christian, and from there we went on2 the beach, taxi bartering got us there for S/55(losing ma touch i think, or else getting generous in ma last few days!!)

It was so so nice to go back, managed to direct the taxi driver all the way to the bottom of the hill where they live. Ma wee hunny came runnin oot to see me(after I stumbled up the precarious hill, slipping n slidin all da way wit ma highly practical flip flops on!

We were off the beach, San Bartolo, the guy said was good, was it hell!

Tiny, hundreds of people jammed onto the beach for a spot of sand and stones underfoot in the water!

Suffered it for a couple of hours then decided to bite da bullet and pay the S/5 to take us to the old favourite of Punta Negra, 10 mins up the road in mototaxi, 6 of us jammed in the back(Mari and Carol 2 of their neighbours kids came too).

And all was well, same old crashing waves, huge expanse of empty sand to trap muy muys and rocks to go finding crabs in. It was great, happy days :)

Bus home at 6pm for S/10! Only disadvantage of that was being dropped in Vitoria, an area Id never been in before, and never really want to go back to! It was really dodgy, MArleny was so paranoid ahe stopped the first car she saw for me to get into back to San isidro. She got him down to S10 from S12, go girl! Then it was time to say goodbye, hasta luego anyway, cos we gonna see each other again!

Then it was doors locked and get oot o there, drove down a couple of streets where it was like a construction site, suitable for 4WD only, and then about 15 guys playin footie in the middle of it all, buses and taxis swerving round them! Mad!

Then it was back to Salaverry, and life was normal again!

Same celebrity welcome on Monday. Found out the kids are integrating really well at their vacaciones utiles and some money also got used to pay for swimming teachers for all the kids to learn which is great, its the first time thats happened apparently.

Dinner oot wit Sharon in Los Conquistadores street(sure its the poshest street in the wholea Lima), where the restuarnat we ahd chosen had closed, quick rethink we ended up in an Italian munching on awffy tasty pizzas. then we stopped off for a drink in Asia, a bar on same street. Wow wow wow, it was amazing, rose petals on the table, all japanese design inside it was just amazing, if you ever find yourself in Lima, GO! Its luvly.

Tuesday was an impromptu visit to the house of oor Walter in Ventanilla, when the psycologist found out we were going she made us take off every bit of valuables we had, take no money, no belongings, oopppsSs!!

Taxi price a shock at S25, but off we went Sharon and I. Not to realise we had just jumped in the back of the most helpful taxi driver in Limas taxi. When we got there it was the same mystery as usual trying to find the manzana(like oor street)a nd lote(house number). Unfortunatley I had wrong manzana so we were up n doon up n doon in this place which was like the middle of the desert, sand everywhere and nae people!

So after about 20mins of the taxi driver patiently asking veryone where manzana S was we realised it was actually a J an got pointed back up the hill! Walking theu sand dunes(tho not as big as that awffy big one in Chile), we fund the house but nae answer, disaster!

Obviously being 2 gringitas wandering about shouting hola we attracted a bit of attention and two guys came out their house, and when told we was looking for Walter(missed out the ma wee in front of it), and they let us into their house. This wasnt Christians wee humble house, this was a different world all together. A proper house(made of wood) with huge living room, dining table, couch, tv hifi and american style fridge(without the modern ice maker!). Taken aback didnae expect that! And thats how we met Walters uncle and grandad. They were luvly tho sadly explained that Walter and his mum were in Canto Grande at her brothers house, oh no :(

Anyhoo, once again we were guests of honour, once the granny arrived and Joselyn_(who ahd been at the beach wit us )wit her mum(there are 12 kids and 31 grandkids!!!). The uncle was sent out to buy gaseosa for us, an ice cold bottle of coca cola was bought in our honour, didnae have the heart to tell him I only like it wit Southern Comfort in it. Felt really priveledged, tho obviously they live in a different world from Christina

The grandad was jus bak from Iquitos, where he had been travelling for 2 months, with hime he brought loads of fresh fish and some grain stuff they eat there and in Brazil. Makes me laugh the thot of him bringin that down in the plane, those Peruvians travel wit strange things, glad we arrived unannounced or we woulda been treated to some fresh fish as well(still no keen on the fish tho have been eating it when necessary!). Made them all roll about laughing, when his uncle asked me about Scotland and being single himself, I immediately said no Ive got ma Andy, but what he meant was about the work situation , he could come and work for us in the UK!, They all found it highly amusing!

Anyhoo, on the way oot we foned Eva(Walters mum) at her brotehrs house, after chatting for a minute or two she said she was gonna come and visit us at the Puericultorio this afternoon, me n Sharon were jumpin for joy, how happy were we :D me :D Sharon

So a quick rush back to the Puericultorio, goodbyes were said again, and up turned oor wee Walter...wit a haircut from hell, theyve scalped him, but not evenly, poor wee thing, but he was still the same wee Walter, we all went out for ma def last supper, Pollo a la Brassa, fave food in Peru, where Sahron ended up flinging mayonesa all over the table, much to the amusement of Walter n his mum, n cousins!!!

So good to see him again, tho he not returning to the Puericultorio, his sister is finished there and he doesnt want to go back alone apparently, so his cousin said to me that he is gonna study wit her at home, not such a great idea, never gonna get any education that way! Then it was the final farewell, biggest hugest kiss n cuddle later, we were all alone, then it was jus me and a huge amount of unpacked luggage. 2 hours later I had very heavy packed bags I wasnae looking forward to carrying all the way to Dubai, via Chile n Australia!!!!

And hereth the Peruviuan story ends, felt like Ive been here forever, think it will be more of a culture shock going home, not to be able to barter taxi prices, buy things from the street, while people sell u stuff thru car windows, the prices, the people, the food, the music, the kids....... but on the other hand you'll all be there :)

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