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693 Km at start

887 Km at stop

194 Km total or 122 miles.

Late yesterday, the weather began deteriorating and only worsened this morning. Without TV or radio it is difficult to keep up with the weather other than real time weather. In real time it was raining hard so we packed up and departed for points north.

Our trip today took us through large pasture lands filled with sheep and cattle. For any of you who are familiar with the bovine species, the cattle appear to be mostly Herford and Black Angus for the beef cattle and Guernsey with a few Jersey's mixed in for the dairy herds. Again today we saw thousands of sheep and cattle, a couple of kangaroos and some emus grazing in the pastures.

Most of the trip today was through flat land but as we approached Hamilton rolling hills became evident. We are now entering the Grampians area of Victoria. With the rain continuing we found a RV Park and stopped for the day to wait out the rain. Overnight, the rain became heavier and we had substantial winds. Norma remarked in the morning that she was sea sick due to the movement of the motor home in the wind.

From our neighbors who have a TV, we learned the storm overnight resulted in 2 1/2 inches of rain which was the most in the area for 21 months. On the coast approximately 75 miles to the south, there were winds of 72 mph or near hurricane force. One person died when a large tree limb fell onto the tent where he was sleeping.

The morning of 11/4, it is still raining although beginning to lessen. We did laundry during the morning and by mid afternoon the rain had stopped although it was very windy. We walked to town and toured the bontanical gardens which were littered with fallen tree limbs. Most businesses in the downtown area were closed as it is Sunday here.

We did our hunting a gathering at Coles, Safeway and Aldis then returned to the RV park. The Aldis was larger and much nicer than the ones we have seen in the US. Some excellent deals were found on asparagus, cauliflower and prepackaged lettuce. Returning to the RV park we then took a walk along the adjacent river which was flowing heavily. Yesterday, it was only a series of potholes filled with water.

Due to the difference in dates, some of these entries will be a bit discomobulated but as this is written, it is Monday morning, 11/5 in Australia and the sun is shining. We will travel further north into the mountains visiting the Gampians National Park. Tonight we will plan for tomorrow.

Other than colds were are do well. My cold started the first day in Australia and is now gone. Norma begain coming down with a cold yesterday so she has six days to go. We could go to the doctor but it would take a week to get over the cold so we will self medicate and it will only take seven day.

With limited internet availability I am not typing this in word and spell checking so you will find my spelling and grammar have suffered, but I must make hay while the sun is shining.

PS: We are unable to access our regular email. If you need to send us an email, send to this site or

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