Fall 2007 travel blog

Not that we were eager in getting moving this morning - but we were ready for the road before 9 am. We were breaking camp at the same time our neighbors next door were and I mentioned our lot. Their friends are looking for a more permanent place so I found a travel card and put some info on it.

Anyway, one thing led to another and, with conversation, we didn't get on the road until 10. But the trip was uneventful. I love taking I-8 out to Gila Bend and then cutting across to I-10. It misses all the Phoenix traffic. I spent most of my time looking at the suaraho cactus and watching the mountains slip by. IT was a beautiful day - clear and sunny - and we arrived at the KOFA Cafe just a little after noon. We decided to have lunch there before we went to the lot. That was a good decision as we didn't eat dinner until almost 8.

We walked over to the lot to check if the electric had been turned on. It had and tested out fine. I had to call Walter to get a handle to turn on the water but that was OK as we wanted to let him know we were here.

We then walked back (1/4 mile - maybe) and got the RV. Parked and set up. We can't believe we are finally here. The satellite dishes almost set themselves up. In fact we had a 66 on the internet dish when we turned it on. It took about 30 seconds to peak it at 87 (30 is the minimum to get connected). The TV took a little longer as it always does - but we have a strong signal on both satellites - so our picture is great.

We sat outside and watched the sun go down and the stars come out. There are billions and billions (said in my best Carl Sagan voice) of stars visible here. There are also lots and lots of airplanes. So many that they almost look like fireflies. It was fun watching some of them suddenly turn on their landing lights and the when they turn another direction the lights go away. We kept saying they were UFO's.

Finally, just before we decided to come in, a pack (?) of coyotes gave us a serenade. It was really cool.

The other neat thing is that it wasn't cold out. I had on a hoodie but was perfectly comfortable. I am sooooooo glad we bought this lot.

I made a call to a builder and we have an appointment for 1 pm on Monday. I'm hoping they have time or can recommend someone to build our casita.

I'm going to end this journal here and start a new one as this is the start of a new phase in our life. Stay tuned for details.

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