Sheate's World Tour 06/07 travel blog

Cape St Francis lighthouse

Blue sky, sunshine and inviting blue waves

Cape St Francis Bay

St Francis Bay

River estuary in St Francis Bay

On our way to Storms River

The Big Tree

Pretty shops in Storms River Village

Her usual attire for the bedroom? No, foefie slide! (Zipline)

Breaking hard

Loving it!

The big one over 211metres - bring it on!

Bloukrans Bridge in the fog - bungy time!

The spongy bridge walk - dont look down!

First up the wife. "What do you mean its frayed?"

S@?t! Dont look down! Dont look down! And away she goes -...

No turning back now! Looking good!



Phew survived! Awesome!

Happy as you like! Good girl!

Thumbs up bring it on!

Barefoot and backwards - you nutter!

Perfect style! Fantastic!

Lots of blood gone to his head! You did it, you da...

Off we go for a walk

There's no stopping the excitement

Gorgeous rugged coastline and pretty fauna

Stunning coastline

Do we go around this corner?

Fog creeping in

Lovely blue sea

The lovely Otter Falls

Not wanting to leave J-Bay, we packed up the tent and then had one more stop at the gorgeous beach before heading to another fantastic beach town.

Cape St Francis is a small and unpretentious town famous for the Seal Point and Bruce's Beauties surf breaks. As we drove through we couldn't help but love the place. With only a handful of houses, some with a 360 degree view of the sea, who couldn't love it here. After a walk by the beach we drove by the lighthouse built in 1888 before heading out. On the way to Humansdorp we took a drive around St Francis Bay, an ever growing up-market resort, partially constructed around a network of canals. By the look of these huge and gorgeous thatched roof houses it was an area for the new up and coming rich South Africans. Gorgeous.

Back on the N2 we drove through the scenic farmlands and Tsitsikamma NP to Storms River. We had a quick stop at The Big Tree - a huge, 36m high and 800 year old Yellowwood tree where we also did a mini forest walk seeing candlewood, stinkwood and assegai trees. Arriving into Storms River Village, a hamlet of tree shaded lanes and gorgeous B&B's and hotels we hunted down our hostel and checked in. The whole village is purpose built to stay and explore the Tsitsikamma National Park.

Now the fun began. That afternoon we decided to book ourselves on the Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures Waterfall Zip-line. This was fantastic! Geared up in harnesses and our zipline bar we hit the gorges, rivers and waterfalls flying across high on a zipline. The longest was 211m. Stopping halfway for drinks we took in the lovely scenery and tree canopy top.

The next day we awoke in our sauna again and to gorgeous blue skies. Today we were off to do the Bloukrans Bungy Jump!

At 216m, this is the world's highest bungy jump. After driving along Bloukrans Pass, the bridge was half clovered in fog but it still looked awesome. As we arrived at the bridge the fog had lifted enough for us to jump. After handing over the cash and signing our lives away we got slipped into our harness. After a short brief on the do's and dont's we walked South Africa's longest braai grid which was a little unnerving as it felt very spongy underfoot with no obvious rivets holding it in place and tried to avoid looking all the way to the bottom of the ravine.

Right in the middle of the bridge it suddenly dawned on Debs what she was about to undertake. She avoided looking down at all costs and managed to only get a little fearful at this point. Taking her seat to get strapped up time was ticking by quickly. Prep talk over, hopping to the edge the guys suddenly started counting down 5,4,3,2,1.....BUNGY! With that she leapt forward in a perfect swan dive and within seconds her fear disapated as she began her free-fall. On reaching the bottom of the bounce she then enjoyed every minute of bouncing up and down. Back up on the bridge with a huge smile on her face she was overjoyed. Well done Debs!

Next was David's turn and having jumped the bridge before, he decided to take the next step and not only jump backwards, but bare foot as well....the nutter! He did it perfectly and apart from going barefoot (he said his feet felt as if they were slipping out) said he'd definitely preferred it backwards. Awesome!

That afternoon we headed to the Tsitsikamma NP, protecting 82km of coast between Plettenberg Bay and Humansdorp, including 5km out to sea. The park lies at the foot of the Tsitsikamma Range and is cut by rivers that have carved deep ravines into the forests.

We decided to walk the first day of the 5-day Otter Trail. The walk was gorgeous, hugging the coastline we started our walk along the coast through a small forest before climbing up and down jagged rocks close to the wave breaks. As we reached the waterfall we took a seat for a while and just took in the amazing scenery. David found it very mesmerising and intriguing seeing a waterfall gushing over into the sea mixing up the dark brown fresh water with the crystal blue of the sea water.

By now the day's adrenaline had gone and the two of us were mighty relived to see the car. Back at the hostel we both crashed at the bar for some well deserved drinks that night! A great day!

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