Steve and Inge's Tour to China 2007 travel blog

I don't know what I was expecting with this oxygen...

The old ways persist

Another picturesque spot

These 2 blind guys we're shamans

Having our custom wish in an the ancient hyrogliphic language

Density in the old world


Naxi cultural extravaganza

Different minorities (tribes)

Each minority has their own costmes


Hi Everyone,

We are having a great time here and have been able to see and mingle with the minorities in Yunnan Province. We are recovered now after our big jaunt up the Mountain as you may have seen in the pics we went as high as 4506 meters (approx 15,000 feet!)

Today we woke with dark skies and very cold weather, we went and saw a spectacular show with a cast of hundreds so perfectly situated at the foot of the mountain! It was wonderful and it showed all the different minorites to its fullest. The show included horses and inspiring music.

We leave for Guillin tomorrow morning and we will definately never forget this charming little place.


Steve and Inge

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