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Texas Canyon

Desings on bridges

This morning we started out from Las Cruces, NM. Everything looked very southwestern. The architecture of buildings, and ever present shrub brush and dirt says southwest to me.

We stayed at the Siesta RV Park. It was like most we have seen driving through western Texas and New Mexico. In my opinion, more like a parking lot than and RV park. The lady that checked us in was friendly and helpful we did run into a man from Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. He had a truck camper with a slide out. Everything has slide-outs now.

In the morning with Andy still walking all bent over and in quite a bit of pain we made the decision to skip going to Bisbee, as much as I would like to visit my brother, Bisbee would mean a lot of walking not counting the 37 steps to his house. By doing that it puts us ahead of schedule for getting together with my friend in Tucson on her days off. After talking to her we decided to go directly to Payson and she will come visit us on Friday and Saturday. This way Andy can get some rest and time to heal before we have to go to Las Vegas on the 10th. We will take our time getting to Payson.

As we ride down the road we see all kinds of signs advertising everything, from truck stops with every modern convenience like showers, truck washes and Internet to Gift shops that have signs for miles before you arrive at them, Kinda like the old Burma Shave signs of the 50's, except these are big and say, FIREWORKS, MOCCOCINS POTTERY, JEWERLY and more FIREWORKS. We are strong, we drove on by resisting their attempts to get us to stop. We almost did when the sign offered a free liter of water just for stopping We've been drinking a lot of water and were in need of some. We also saw a sign that read "McDonalds..Just Ahead...60 MILES!! That gives you and idea of their concept of "just ahead"!!

The road leads through big cities and then into long stretches of nothing but shrub bush, sand and hills in the distance. One in awhile you go over a bridge that has a sign before it that reads, Minor's Draw, Cox Draw, Stillton Wash. There is nothing underneath but a bed of rocks waiting for the day when it rains in the hills and the water comes rushing down and through the wash or draw. You can tell by it's depth and the cut of the sand on the edges and the rocks that the water does rush down through there once in awhile...just not today.

I love just looking out the window, I could use up some of the time reading a book or doing my Sudoko while we ride along, I might miss something.

Years ago when they built these roads they cut through large mountains to make a highway with less up and downs. It's like cutting through history seeing all the layers as Mother Nature assembled them over the centuries. I enjoy the oil rigs slowing moving up and down like a giant bird taking a drink from the earth. We pass wind turbines that people seem to think litter the scenic views. I feel peace in watching them turn slowly in the wind, generating much need power without destroying the environment. Long trains move through the desert filled with container boxes with foreign words on them. Imports from the countries. Others are towing long lines of the containers they use to transport new cars. Some trains are a mix of tankers, box cars, and flat beds. Three to five of those bright yellow Union Pacific engines with American flags painted on the side, they did a great job, they appear to be flapping in the wind.

As we cross the state line between New Mexico and Arizona I begin to wonder what time it really is. The cell phone goes back and forth for about a half hour picking up cell towers in both directions. We finally figure it out and adjust the GPS. This week we are on Mountain Time but when the time changes next week AZ will go on their own and not change. Finally I get the cell phone, GPS and computer into the same time zone. Our move to Las Vegas will have me changing them all over again.

Going along I-10 a sign tells us we are going into Texas Canyon, yes we are in AZ. Almost immediately the scenery changes from shrub brush with hills in the background to large rock formations close and high along the road. these rocks are not smooth wind blown surfaces that we have seen in the passed they are boulders, large, extra large boulders that look like they have been stacked in piles by Paul Bunyan or the Jolly Green Giant. Some have waves of brick red and black to gray tones. Amazing!! I took a few pictures and will add them to this entry but they don't really do justice to what I saw. A mile or two later it changed almost instantly back to the usual AZ landscape. Mother Nature at work again.

We traveled through Tucson and saw a lot of construction in the middle of the city. They were building new bridges over the highway. But the interesting part was that they made them a piece of artwork. The entire bridge was a yellowish tan color and had a flower design added in. We have seen a lot of very artistic bridges and overpasses in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. A nice touch, we should think of doing this on the east coast.

Tonight we've stopped in Manasa, AZ at the Valley of the Sun RV community. Again we found the people in the office very friendly and helpful. And again the RV park is like a parking lot. RV's very close together with gravel everywhere...not a blade of grass to be seen. I guess I have to remember I'm in AZ. The one thing that I found interesting is the cotton field next to the RV park. I didn't know they grew cotton in AZ.

The best thing about this park is that they have a whirlpool tub and swimming pool that is open!! Andy enjoyed the whirlpool he said it really helped his back and I did a few laps in the pool. A relaxing finish to another day of travel.

I leave you tonight with the brilliant tones of an AZ sun setting in the western sky.

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