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Well, the hiking season is coming to a close, the yard has been put to bed, the outside house maintenance has been done and the ski season hasn't started. That means that the November shoulder season (our least favorite time of the year) is here. Also means that it is time to head out on another trip.

All year we have been planning on going to Chile in November. When we got into the planning it just wasn't working for us, we couldn't get excited. Dale finally figured out it was because a trip to Chile is mostly about seeing fantastic mountain scenery and hiking. We've spent the last 4 months seeing fantastic mountain scenery and hiking, now we need a change. We've had the Galapagos on our list of places to visit for years so the Galapagos and other parts of Ecuador are our next destination. This trip will be a month long, Nov 15 - Dec 15. We'll spend 2 weeks on the mainland seeing the highlands (Quito, Otavalo, Cotapaxi areas) and the city of Cuenca and surrounding area. Then we'll fly to the Galapagos Islands where we've booked a 1st class motor schooner with a max of 20 guests for a 1 week trip. After the Galapagos we'll fly back to the mainland and then head into the amazon jungle for a stay at the Napo Wildlife Centre where we hope to see 7 foot long, 150 lb. otters. Then home for Christmas and hopefully some great ski conditions.

The year of spending dangerously continues! Ouch. Ecuador itself isn't expensive (high end hotels/haciendas are only about $100/night) but the trip to the Galapagos makes up for it. We've heard that you get what you pay for in the Galapagos so we've gone high end. Hopefully it really does pay off! Then there are the shots we had to get. The visit to the travel clinic and the pokes in the arm cost over $600! And that doesn't include the prescriptions for Malaria and altitude drugs. Hopefully we'll be getting most of it back from our health insurance plan! On the bright side we'll be covered for the trip to Africa we're hoping to do next year.

We're hoping for some great photos in the Galapagos (although we won't be spending the $2000 on the lens recommended by Pam's photography instructor!!). Not sure how much access we'll have to update this website while in Ecuador but we'll see what we can do.

We may have some other updates before we go. If not, happy shoulder season everyone!

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