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Grand Ole' Opry - Nashville

Grand Ole' Opry

Walking to enter the Cave

Ranger - Cave Tour

Fat Man's Misery

Dinner at Community Center

Andrea and I Enjoying the Meal

Tom Sawyer Paddleboat on Mississippi

On the Mississippi

Campground at Litchfield, Illinois

Old graveyard outside Maryville


Andrea and Noel's Farm

One more Colorful Tree

Hi Everyone:

We left Crossville, Tennessee, on Oct. 22 and drove to Park City, Kansas, where we stayed at Diamond Cavern Campground. On our way, we stopped in Nashville to see the "Grand Ole' Opry." They had a museum which gave the history of the Opry and information on many of the members of the Opry. All of the former buildings were not built specifically for the Opry and this new one was built specifically for it in the 70's. It's a beautiful building as you can see by the pictures.

The following morning we got up and it was raining. It rained for three straight days while we were in Kentucky. They were behind by 16 inches of rain for the year when we got there and this one storm brought them 7 inches - so they were thrilled. This was when all of the fires were going on in San Diego and I was definitely wanting to send some of the rain your way. At any rate, we decided to go on a tour of Mammoth Cave. We had a park ranger who guided the tour and it was very interesting. Phosphate was obtained from this cave for use as gunpowder back in the 1800's. There is 367 miles of tunnels in this one cave. Our walk was for two miles, we climbed lots of stairs and got wet. One part of the cave is called "Fat Man's Misery", included is a picture of me walking through that part. It is about 20-25 feet in length and the widest part up to waist high is 17 inches - hence the name. You have to walk holding your arms above your waist.

In the campground, the evening before, Jerry had seen a flyer for an event where various restaurants were providing food for dinner. It was held at the Cave City Convention Center. It was a very nice affair, we had a great meal, met some Kentuckians, and had a really fun time. We were joking with people that we came all the way from California for this event. There were actually a couple of them who almost believed us.

From there we drove to Litchfield, Illinois and stayed at a beautiful campground - a picture is included. Prior to getting to this campground, we stopped for a rest stop while driving along the Mississippi River. I took pictures of Tom Sawyer's paddleboat and a dock on the Mississippi.

From there we drove back to Andrea and Noel's farm in Missouri and stayed there for three nights. She has a very artistic, creative cousin who makes jewelry and other items. She will take just about anything and turn it into something unique and original. Twice a year she has an event called "Hodge Podge" and she and some other friends sell items they make. I happened to be there on the weekend it was held and Andrea and I attended and we really had fun. Of course, I had to buy some stuff.

The following morning we got up and decided to take off and start for home. We were going to go all the way down to San Antonio to go see the Alamo, but after driving through Kansas and Oklahoma to get to Texas, we changed our minds and decided just to head home. So, those of you who are going to enter the contest - we did hit Texas and went through the panhandle.

We are planning on being home this weekend. We have had a great trip, had a chance to visit friends and family on the way, and meet many new people. I will send a final update after we get home. Be sure to submit your guesses for our contest.

Jerry and Sue

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