Terry's Great Adventure 2007 travel blog

Sofena and Sera in their new home

Sofena and Sera on my bed in RV

Sofena watching a bunny at the cabin in Columbus

Poomacha fire 70% contained and they excpect to have it under control by Wed 31st. I am hoping they then open the road and I can go up Thurday to see my Sofena and bring my RV down to Carlsbad.

I will clean it here and hopefully be able to stay a few more days while I restock my fridge etc. and wait for the weekend of Nov 10th to leave for Crescent City. I do not want to travel through LA during the week. Sheila has offered to help clean so she may come over.

In my short time left here I will spend time with Sharon and hopefully her family plus Sheila and her family in Escondido. Then I will head north and spend a couple of days with Debra, my niece, in Sacramento (Roseville). Will be at Crescent City by Nov 14th.

Really enjoying the beautiful weather here - just perfect. Picked up some supplies yesterday to be able to do my picture albums when I get to my new temporary home. Really anxious to start on "My Great Adventure" album. Just had 273 pictures developed at Costco so should be fun!!

RV'ng Nano signing off

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