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After a somewhat restless night in the rest area, we woke ang got on the road by 7 am. The restlessness was because of the noise from the Rt 5 truck traffic as well as the noise from the running trucks in the rest area. We decide to get on our way and stop somewhere down the road to have breakfast. We stopped around 9:00 to eat.

About 10:30, we got a call from Laurie wondering if we had any winds and warning us to watch out for high winds. She said that the winds were blowing so hard on Sunday night that she thought the roof was going to blow off their house. She also told us that there were sseveral wildfires going on in the LA area, Orange County, and San Diego that were out of control because of the high winds. We were not experiencing any unusual winds at that time.

By the time we got just north of Bakersfield, we started to feel the winds. and to see the smoke from the fires. We stopped at the Flying J and got some fuel. We decide to only get us enough to get us to Arizona where wer hope the fuel will be cheaper. We experienced $3.25 gas for the first time since Canada.

We got as far as Castaic and that is where we really saw the intense smoke from the wildfires that were in the northern part of LA, which were the "Witch" and "Malibu" fires.

WE were going great and had just taken the cutoff to Rt 405 when a great gust of wind hit us broadside and almost blew me off the road. It was at this point that we noticed that the awning on the slideout decided it wanted to fly on it's own and was flapping around. There was so much traffic that there was no stopping so I just slowed down as much as I could and the awning decided to roll up again and stopped flapping. I was afraid I would find it all torned but it wasn't. The gust had just hit the awning so haard that it pulled the locks out of position. We continued on Rt 405 and got through LA before afternoon rush hour traffic.

We got to Laurie's house and she was off at school getting Cole and Nathan. She arrived soon and we had a great reunion. Lot's of hugs and kisses!! We have missed that for 5 months.

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