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New friends from Israel!

Fishermen's Wharf, Monterey

Along the wharf

Cannery Row

Pacific Grove

Bird Rock (see the little heads?)

No Tiger or Clint!

The Lone Cypress

Very nice real estate!

Another photo perfect day!

Half Moon Bay to Monterey is about 95 miles along Highway 1 but we could easily make an all day trip out of it with all the stops and pull-overs to scenic viewpoints along the way. One such occasion was at Greyhound Rock in north Santa Cruz county which provided a perfect lunch time stop and much more!

Soon after we had parked and went out to gaze down at the ocean a man ran over to us and asked if he and his family, who were visiting from Israel, could see our "caravan"! Well, of course, any chance to show off our little home on wheels and they were so gracious and excited as they had never seen a motorhome before, at least up close and inside!

Hen and Gabi, his sister and brother-in-law, had flown to NY to visit relatives, and then started sight-seeing. They had been to Niagara Falls, then a cruise down the St. Lawrence Seaway to Quebec and next to Ottawa, Canada's capital. Heading west they went to Yosemite and were now driving their rental car south along the CA. coast and rapidly losing hope of visiting friends in Southern CA. with all the fires and smoke.

They all piled in with cameras in tow, looking in all the nooks and crannies and oohing and aahing over the comfy leather chairs and 2 TVs and 2 ACs!! We all exchanged email addresses and we received a heartfelt invitation to visit them in their town of Karmiel where we were assured our weak dollar would go a long way!!

In Monterey we stay at the Elk's Lodge near Soledad and Munras, not far from Fishermen's Wharf, the Aquarium and Cannery Row. The RV parking is OK, water and electricity for $15 per night. The lodge is great, overlooks the bay with a terrific swimming pool and patio, and men and women's workout rooms. That night we watched the first game of the World Series and had a great BBQ'd ribs dinner buffet.

But before dinner we had a few hours to kill so started with the wharf for coffee and some photos, then down Cannery Row and along the coast to Pacific Grove. We passed on the Aquarium since we were there a year ago but decided to continue on for the "17 mile drive" along Pebble Beach and the Del Monte Forest. Have I mentioned the weather is "picture perfect"! We did not, however, see Tiger Woods or Clint Eastwood playing golf, but we did stop at Bird Rock and the Lone Cypress and about 20 other points of interest along the way! So we will let the pictures speak for themselves!

We decided to stay a second day and with the fog rolling in, it was perfect for doing homey things like laundry and then relaxing after all our hard work with a trashy novel! For dinner I fixed chicken thighs coated with mayo, parmesan cheese and bread crumbs baked at 400 for about an hour. Not exactly low fat but very good!

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