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So we left Canada and headed for the Amish countryside which is mainly in Lancaster county.

We are excited about being here because there is so many FREE things to do. Factory tours, if not free are exceedingly reasonable and there are several factories in this area.

We have chosen to go to the Crayola Factory, Hershey's, Harley Davidson and a Mint.

We haved found a very pleasant KOA campground in Allentown which is an hour or so away from the Crayola factory. Our plan is to stay here for the week and then head inland to the other factories and the amish community.

I was telling a friend the other day that I've always admired the Amish way of life. I love the simplicity that they hold to. I also love their craftmanship and have a dinnigroom table made by the Amish and some stools. I would love a quilt but I'm not sure I'll be able to afford one. I am excited to see their community. (Am I repeating myself? I feel like I am. I have so many conversations in my head that sometimes I'm not sure which ones make it out my mouth.)

So that's really all our news.

I am sitting outside and my feet are numb from the cold but it's a very calm night, the sounds around me are comforting and I'm reluctant to go inside. I can smell that Trev is cooking up a delicious meal in the galley while the kids are watching Happy Gilmore.

Last night we watched Dances With Wolves and I sobbed at the end when the Sioux Indian shouts from the mountain about his love for his friend. It's so incredibly beautiful. Shannon thinks I'm an emotional flake. She is quite stoic when it comes to movies and only barely tolerates my emotional spillovers. Elton and Tristin are more understanding and are known to shed a few. Trev also has his moments.

So, until next time. Adios

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