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sunset at sea

that way!

thunderstorm at sea

the boat





sunrise in the kuna village

$2!!!!!!!!!!!!! haahahahahah

our hammock on our island

The toilette on the kuna island - can't see it but hundread...

Then back to cartegena,

took a 31 ft sailing ship for two days and two nights then to the idyllic San Blas islands in Panama.

Arrived in the san blas islands after two nights at sea, slept the first night on the boat and spent about 4 hrs fishing from the boat, though unfort only got one fish, one dropped off the line as was pulling it into the boat and one was too big to pull it.....

Then to a guys house in one of the kuna (local indian) villages. Day trips to magnificant islands.

Second night, me and helena got an island to ourselves hahaha. Small island with an old couple on the other side of the island (50m) who were there to collect coconuts.

Was great, baught massive crab for $2, cooked it up an had a bombfire on the beach, set down the old sleeping bag etc. Deserted beach we had it all to ourselves - yep you guessed it, the speedo 's stayed in the bag and the birthday suit came out hahahahah.

Then another night back with the kuna village then onto panama city.

heaps more pics at: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=62347&l=41b67&id=866450494

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