Jan 23 - Sunset

Jan 23 - Full Moon - Party Time

Since snorkelling was pretty sad in Phuket area due to poor visibility (1 m.), we headed to the other side of the penninsula which was unaffected by the tsunami. Leaving at 7 am from Phuket to Phuket Town and then bus to Samui whence we took boat/ferry(5pm) to Koh Phangan the second island up the chain where we arrived at 7:30, found an acceptable bungalo(sp?) on the beach N. of port town where we stayed 2 nites. First day we checked out beaches to the N. on the W. side of the island, again murky and very little snorkelling worthwhile at both the beaches we hit. The big event was the taxi ride back with an Irish lady who got everybody singing as we travelled! Second day we headed S. to the full moon beach(The Party coming the 24th-tons of folks moving in!). Wonderful beach for body surfing, Jake and I had a fine time, plus once again the taxi ride brought us into contact with Shannon, a gal who works for a Boulder, CO outfit called Where There Be Dragons(small world, it turns our Jake took EMT course with a fellow - Max - who also works for them and Shannon knows Max as well). Anyway, she's from Maine and has been living overseas setting up senior year abroad deals for various colleges - a contract deal - for past 7 years, first in Nepal and now in India since Nepal is going down, so to speak!!! Very informative lady, she knows the ins and outs of whats going down both in Nepal and India - not going to go into it, politics ya know! Anyone interested, please email me and I'd be glad to fill you in personally!

With our bad experience coming over we opted for the high priced government boat/bus back to Bangkok...left 5 pm on the 23rd!

Heard from Todd via email - he is on the next island N. of here, Ko Tao...taking the PADI advanced diving course. He will have to relate his own experiences...maybe!

Mari is in the Philippines visiting her friend Suzie, likewise with Mari!

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