Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Here fishy fishy!

..I went to Fraser Island and got wrecked! har har!

Biggest Damn web I've ever seen!

India Head. Ha ha, sounds like an Asian Porn film! Err, Ahem!...


EVERYONE was getting stuck, dont think you could have done it better!...

The beach, all 'arty farty'!!

...Paul approaches godzilla with caution!

Poor git, got him in the water and he swam off -...

The Fraser gang!

Eli Creek - C,c,c,cold but luurrvly!

The best bit of fraser by miles, Lake McKenzie.

Dives off sooooo deep though - kinda eery swimming out over it..

Okay - so went to Fraser island and it was wickid, had a mixture of weather. when we went over on the ferry it was dull and overcast and really muggy. The first day we spent by going to a lake in the dunes called lake Wabby. It was really green and apparantly is full of tea tree from the surrounding forest, dunno if thats true but hey. Anyway, we all slid down the dunes into the water and there were foot long catfish (No, not baby sharks Fi!). I loved it, they were swimmming round our legs and seemed so tame. After that we drove up the beach (I was nominated driver from the outset as I was the oldest and there were only two people that had licences!! Raaa, got to drive 50% of the time!) Anyway, the beach was fairly misty and as we drove along the beach the Maheno Wreck emerged from the mist, was well eerie! The Maheno was a wreck that was being towed for scrap and got beached on Fraser so they left it there. Then it was back to base camp for 'eats'.

Next day we headed up to India Head, you're supposed to be able to see sharks from the top but we weren't lucky enough for that =( Saw wild horses instead though! =))

Then it was the trek round to the champagne pools, and as the 4WD guy said, we got stuck! Eventually a huge 4WD tour bus made some decent tracks through all the soft sand so I took advantage of these and just hammered it through shaking the whole thing to bits! The champagne pools are so named by the aborigines because when the waves crash over the walls of the pool it looks like champagne streaming out of a bottle.

Next day we got to see what I thought was the highlight of Fraser, Lake McKenzie. Woooowwww! Basically a big freshwater lake surrounded by white sand and rainforest. It was so nice - didn't want to leave. Need to get some pics sorted cos my camera ran out of battery! =((

Next was Eli Creek, a cold freshwater creek running off the island into the sea, you walk up it and then lie on your front and drift down again with the flow, really refreshing! On the drive back we stopped to move sea snake off the road (Well, the beach but they class it as a road). It didn't look too great and we think it may have been clipped by another 4WD. Anyway, moved him out the way and he seemed to swim off. Asked about it later and turns out they're deadly, oops!

Saw lots of bugs, spiders (In the biggest web I've ever seen!), a couple few dingoes and a couple of iguana's - well cool!

Well, all for now, speak soon -


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