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Claudine got very excited as she realised that the route we chose (direct rather than scenic as it was getting dark) meant we would go past Ronnie's Sex Shop!

It's not what you think! It is simply a cafe by the roadside in the middle of nowhere owned by a guy called Ronnie. One night some of his drunken mates thought it would be funny to add the word sex into the name. Suddently before he knew it Ronnie's Shop was getting a lot of attention to he decided to leave like it! In fact he changed the sign on the other side of the road as well! Claudine thought it would be funny for us to pose for photos in front of the cafe sign - was rather amusing until we nearly got caught by Ronnie sure we weren't the first to do so though!

Having driven through some hidious weather and amazing electric lightening we finally arrived in Swellendam at about 8pm. The first B&B we pulled up by came well recommended in the guide book so we decided to call them to see if they had room as we couldn't see the reception. Turned out to be a beautiful place, lovely rooms, fab hosts, cafe/breakfast room and gift shop. There was a pool as well but weather didn't suit that! After chatting for a bit it turned out the managers spent 6 months working in Falmouth, Cornwall and loved it! We were given a complimentary glass of sherry each and recommended to the local bar to eat at. We had seen it and commented on it as we arrived! We walked to it and ended up having beautiful steaks for dinner! Mum had lamb but the rest of us had lovely beef steaks.

It was way past 10pm by the time we finished so it was straight to bed as we were all shattered. We arranged 8am breakfast so as to make the most of Wed as well as Claudine had another full day planned for us!!

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