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After leaving Dunedin we decided to head down the Catlins coast to a backpackers based on a farm near a really beautiful waterfall. However the weather was awful and we didnt stop until we got to the hostel. When we got there we found that we were the only ones staying there and met Johnny who was running the place while his folks were on holiday in England! He'd just got back from 2 years travelling around Europe and was a really nice guy.

So we unloaded our gear into our room then got wrapped up warm and headed off in the rain to the waterfall. The Pukunui falls were really great with 2 really good observation points, although we got soaked it was worth it! We then jumped back in the car, and on Johnny's advice headed to Nugget Point, about 30 mins drive.

The drive was "interesting" as most of it was on unsealed roads and just as we neared our destination it started to snow. The sign said it was 5 mins walk to the lighthouse to get the best view of the rocks, but after 5 mins it was snowing pretty hard. So Ruthy ran back to the car and I ran to the lighthouse and got a few photos. They looked pretty cool with snow flakes and the moon visible. By the time I got back to the car I was drenched and ready to race back to the hostel. When we got back we made use of the warm bath, unfotrtunately the rest of the place was freezing (unless you were round the heaters)! Then we cooked up some food and finished our beers and wine off. Thank god for electric blankets hey!

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