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It's just not possible to be vegan in Quebec! I have just been to the grocery store to buy some weekly supplies. Nothing special, milk, sugar, bread. I have come home with baguettes, pate's, fromage (cheese) and of course chocolate. I was so taken with all the yummie goodies that I forgot the really practical stuff like sugar! I tried really hard to not be persuaded by the lure of it all. I even walked past the creme brule' and the pastries but when I saw my all time fave chocolate on the shelf I just couldn't hold back anymore and that's when I decided that I was going back to the nice old lady selling the pate and fresh crusty bread and buying it and the hand made pizzas with fresh mozarella and basil.What could I do! (Notice how that's not a question requiring any feedabck.)

Shopping here is not unlike shopping any where else in the world except here mostly everything is in French and I quickly discovered that I wasn't going to be able to order anything from the deli.

Most interesting to me though is the role that communication plays in our lives. For me communication is a large part of how i evaluate my role in the world. I am continually aware of feedback from other people. Not just verbal feedback but also the non-verbal kind. Going to the store today reminded me how dependant i am on my verbal interactions. (My first experience with this was when I went on a 3 day silent retreat in South Africa when we were not only not allowed to use words but we weren't allowed any non-verbal communication either.) Today I realised that not being able to express myself left me feeling vulnerable and unsure of myself even in situations where I didn't need to talk.

I have been trying to talk Trev into the idea of one day living for a season, in a non-english speaking country. It's a tough sell and I don't think it will happen any time soon. I've also been trying to talk him into staying in Alaska for a winter. (I can hear my friend Michelle Lehy saying :You just say this stuff to p*** me off!) My thinking is that you can do anything once. Trev's thinking is, why would you want to.

Please excuse my punctuation. I'm using a French keyboard and the punctuation marks are all different. I also keep missing the shift key and keep hitting a key called Verr Maj which is the caps lock key. - Very frustrating!

It is really very cold here. The wind is blowing and it's raining. The kids seem to be over whatever horrendous bug they managed to contract. Trev decided today looked like a good day to sham being sick and has been hiding under the covers the whole day making noises about how his mom would be making him chicken soup. I think I've said this before but it's a good thing I love her so much. Actually, I don't blame him at all for staying in bed. If I had thought of it first I would have done the same thing. Unfortunately someone has to be the teacher.

We will probably be leaving here tomorrow and making our way to Montreal and then Toronto. There is a Canadian version of Disney World in Toronto and a zoo which should be fun. I'm hoping the weather will let up a little. I don't mind the cold but the wind and rain is starting to get a bit old.

From there onto Niagra Falls. It's so exciting!

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