The Rogers' Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

Finally, a fish!

town of Smiths Falls across Rideau Canal

Dock on Rideau Canal

Empty docks on Rideau Canal

waterfall into Rideau river

one of the locks

waterfall on side of Rideau Canal

some of the old buildings in Smiths Falls

Lock with the Bascule Bridge

bridge swinging open for boat

Filling up the locks before opening them

Locks are still operated manually

Hard work opens one gate

The boat can pass through

Happy Thanksgiving!

Connor comes running to us to get the camera; Evan has finally caught a fish!

This needs to be celebrated and after the picture, the boys work together to get the hook out of its mouth and return it to the water. Evan is concerned because the fish goes right to the bottom, but eventually he sees the fish swim away.

A boat comes by to go through the locks, and we go out to watch the procedure. It seems to be a lot of work to hand crank the large wooden doors open, esp. when you realize the amount of boats that come through in the summer time.

Behind the locks there is an old Bascule bridge, which is no longer in use. It was an old train bridge; the coming of the train was another reason for Smiths Falls becoming a town, like so many towns in Canada. Many people were needed to work on and for the railway, and houses were built in town to house the workers. The train no longer runs through town, and the bridge is now a Heritage Site.

We spent a nice day relaxing, watching some CFL Football and enjoying a turkey dinner.

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