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Dad and I in front of Museum in Albuquerque

At the Atomic Museum, I learned a lot about making electricity from Nuclear Power Plants. They use Plutonium and Uranium to make electricity. It gets very hot and they are very careful with the waste that is left over.

There is a mountain in Nevada where they want to bury the waste from the nuclear plants. The waste is put into a big can and sealed tightly and put in a pool of water for a few years to cool down, then they take it out to Nevada and bury it in a mountain 1000 feet deep. The waste is very hazardous to people and the environment, that is why they seal it in cans.

They also can make bombs from Plutonium and Uranium. The United States dropped one of the bombs in Japan during the war. We watched a movie about that. Nuclear weapons can kill a lot of people.

The museum had a lot of stuff for kids too. I got to see a ball float on the top of a cone that blew air. I also got to see how infrared light is invisible to us, but not to a machine. I had a lot of fun at the Atomic Museum.

Today I returned my library books and we left Albuquerque.

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