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When you start your day on your hands and knees cleaning up vomit and diarrhea you hope that that the rest of your day will go more smoothly. But of course this is my life. I am not destined to slide thorugh life unscathed by the things that can go wrong.

Our plan was to leave Vermont and stay at a Walmart overnight on our way to Quebec. Of course the rain starts as soon as we start getting the RV ready to go and by the time we're at the dump station it's coming down even harder.

"Um Trev, there are no Walmarts in the direction we're headed."

Trev, ever the cheerful optomist says, "Don't worry we'll find something along the way."

Hmmm. A lot of people will say that I have no restraint. That I don't hold my tongue often enough. They are so mistaken!

The rain's coming down harder. We stop in at a mall so the kids can get their halloween costumes.

I tell Lola to head towards the Quebec KOA campground 5 hours away. The rain is now pouring down and there's a heavy fog.

"Recalculating" says Lola.

When Lola says recalculating I get really nervous. "Recalculating" means we have missed a turn off and it usually spells trouble of some kind. Lola then maps out a way for us to either do a u-turn or finds some way for us to connect to the road we have missed. A nice feature but in an RV it's not always practical. Lola doesn't know we're in an RV.

"Turn Right" says Lola

"Oh I see what she's doing. She's having us U-turn Trev. Just pull into this parking lot and we can turn there instead" says I.

Trev turns into the parking lot.

"Pull over more to the side. More, more. Uh, watch out for the tree."

Trev stops the RV. We are not going to make it past the tree.

"Okay just zip across this stretch of grass. It's flat enough."

Trev pulls onto the grass and slowly, very slowly we start to sink. Yip we are sinking and not going forward any more.

One of the more unusual characteristics of my husband is that he is either exceptionally optomistic about the outcome of a difficult situation or dead on the starting block.

"We are stuck in the mud," he says as if we hadn't figured that out ourselves. "We'll just have to sleep here." He gets out the RV and walks over to the porch of the building that owns the lot and the grass we are now stuck in and lights up a cigarette.

Sleeping here is not only impractical but absurd. We will still be stuck in the morning but then we will also be sleep deprived because the RV is definately leaning heavily to the one side. We have insurance for just this type of situation. I know because I bought it.

Now I promise, this is not BS. We have actually gotten ourselves stuck on a wet muddy hill in the middle of probably the only town in America that does not have cell phone service at all. Not because they can't get it, not becuase they are too backward. No, this town has decided that they do not want the unsightly cell towers ruining their view and so there is no cell phone service for 20 miles in every direction.

Luckily for us the spot we have chosen is the practice of a group of medical practitioners and one of the people who work there have decided to go to work just 10 minutes after we get stuck on their front lawn. She explained the situation about the cell phones and let us use their land line. From there our sitution was smootlhy resolved as the tow truck guy pulled us out the mud and we were back on the road fairly quickly.

We had lost time and now it's wet, foggy, raining and getting dark. I looked in my campground guide and looked for the closest campground and asked Lola to take us there. We arrived and found no one manning the office. So we pulled over to the side and spent the night right there.

The next morning we woke early and completed the rest of our trip to Quebec.

It's very exciting to be here. Qubec is very beautiful with the fall colors brighter than we have seen them thus far.Because Quebec is French Canada everything is in French and is metric system. We are looking forward to visiting the old city and hopefully going to see the Whales.

Last night was another night of sickness. This time it was Elton. Poor kid was really sick. I was more prepared this time and slept by his side to make sure he made it to a bowl. I'm hoping Shan and Trev won't be next. Actually, I'm praying about it very hard.

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