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The presidential palace out the front

Presidential Palace - going in...

PP - did we miss something???

The funicular up to San Cristobal

Views from the top of Santiago

Pretty gardens in the Bella Vista area

Santiago - Around town

We decided to do the walking tour that the lonely planet recommends as it takes in the key sights around town. Our hotel at $54 a night does not include breakfast so we decided to get something on the walk.

Little did we realise that the 'cafe' culture does not really exist here. It took ages just to find somewhere that would serve us Nescafe...mmm

The highlights of the tour are the museum with the ... Mummies and the presidential palace.

We visited the museum and could not find these mummies, it then turns out that the mummies are in fact very small children, perhaps only as long as a couple of hand spans. So, on to the presidential palace.

On arriving we had to go through some elaborate security checks, scans etc and then on into a small courtyard with doors to the right, left and ahead. We tried to go right and the military guard barks...'NO', so we went over to the left door and another guard barks 'NO' and points to the door straight ahead. On going through that door we find ourselves back out in the street. Hmmm so all in all a pretty rubbish place huh?

The only pleasant part of the walk was the cathedral which inside was lovely. So giving up on the tour we headed over to the funicular and teleferico and up the the hill overlooking Santiago. Sadly, due to smog we could not see a great deal... Perhaps food in the evening would be better...

The hotel receptionist recommended a street with plenty of choice so off we went. Unfortunately, the said street and plenty of Chinese eateries, the occasional mexi and people burning tyres in the street... Nice huh!

Heading back to the hotel in a taxi we found a good Italian so did end up with a nice meal. Tomorrow we are going out to visit Valparaiso as there really is nothing else to do in Santiago...

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