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On the way in to the Andes

Saint Martins bridge

Cerro Aconcagua

An old Spa abandoned after over run by the sulphurous river

Mendoza - Cerro Aconcagua

The plan was to head up into the mountains to see the highest peak in S America, standing at 6959m, Cerro Aconcagua.

This is what we did, but we can't pass on a great deal of information for you since the guide on the bus who was supposedly bilingual turned out only to speak 2 languages, Argentinian & Spanish.

So as the bus climbs into the mountains & the guide announces in dreadful English that we were 'Inside a mountain' we were not too impressed.

Nonetheless the ride & the scenery were utterly spectacular. Some photos attached.

The only sad thing we later discover is that we are going to be doing this exact same route in 3 days time when we cross to Santiago, Chile.

One thing we cannot work out is why everyone on the bus claps as we go through the various tunnels on route. Is this to ward off evil spirits or to congratulate the builders of the tunnels. So if someone wants to Google it & let us know eh???

The day is long & tiring but we are looking forward to tomorrow & the win tour. Apparently we are joining a Canadian couple from California...

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