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This will be a short update, with no photos. We spent a day in San Isidro after the descent from the mountains, lying in bed sweating and coughing, both of us sick with a respiratory infection. We were supposed to be preparing to get to Nicaragua, but suddenly the thought of more travelling was exhausting. So we hopped a bus for the coast, as it began to rain in San Isidro.

That's another thing we didn't really factor into our planning - it's the rainy season here. That means it's usually sunny or partly cloudy in the mornings, then the clouds begin to billow and grow in the afternoon, with rain coming around 1 to 5, depending on the day and the part of the country you're in. So it's not raining all the time, just much of the time.

Judging by the Lonely Planet guidebook, the moment we stepped off the bus in Dominical, we'd be breathing in pot smoke and waist-deep in American ex-pats. As it was, we didn't smell any weed, but there were plenty of Americanos, at the bars, on the beach, driving around in SUVs. This is another area that is under assault by the Se Vende signs, but is still pretty rough around the edges. Some of the roads are more pothole than road.

The waves were steep, and if I'd been feeling better I might have tried it. Instead, we huddled in our cabina reading and trying to shake the monstrous blob loose from our lungs. The most exciting thing that happened occurred when I was sitting outside. I heard a loud THOCK on the lawn next to me, and suddenly a three foot long iguana was sitting next to me. He'd fallen out of the tree 30 feet above me, and sat there looking just as stunned as me, before scuttling off into the underbrush. We saw more of them, crawling around in the tree branches, but no more aerial assaults.

Thunderstorms were our nightly entertainment; we could hear them rumbling in from far off, before they'd arrive with a pitterpat and then a rushing of rain on the roof. In the mornings we'd emerge to wet roads and gray skies; it stayed cloudy the whole time.

So we left on the 7:15a.m. bus, standing in the aisle all the way (me sweating profusely, trying not to drip on the lady next to me), and changed in San Isidro for the bus to San Jose.

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