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Anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about most everything and I rarely do things in half measures so it will come as little surprise that I have become very passionate about the up-coming american election.

At the election where Bush was voted in I really didn't know much about america in general and felt ill equiped to make a choice between the candidates although I did feel that both candidates were horrible and was quite pleased I didn't have to vote. This time I feel completely differently about it.

I am so excited. I have become, as much as I can at this point of my life, a part of the next election. I have been following the various democratic and republican presidential wannabees and done a lot of research and have decided upon Obama AND I have put my money where my mouth is and made a small donation to his campaign.

It's so exciting. I feel like I'm part of something so huge. I feel like I did when Nelson Mandela waas running for President.

But this is not about me making a poltical stand on my travel journal. This is so much bigger than that. I have realised that at some point in the 5 years that I've lived here I have started to really care about what happens to this country. I am really invested in the outcime of this election because I want america to do well and that is so amazing. A few years ago I really didn't feel that way. Not because I didn't care but because I just didn't feel like I was a part of it. Apparently now I do.

So, yes, you're all going to have to suffer through the next year with me raving about the virtues of Obama. He really is amazing. If you get a chance go look at his website and watch the movie of his life, do it. It's about 5 minutes and it's really interesting because he was working with communities long before running for president, even before he decided to study law. He really is a humanitarian at heart and I think he's going to be amazing for this country.

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