Greg's 2007 Odyssey travel blog

Glen & Val helped me pack all my stuff into the SUV after a great home cooked breakfast.

I said my goodbyes and headed for the RV Service Center to transfer my stuff into the coach and load the SUV onto the trailer.

When that was done, I cranked over the engine only to discover that the brake controller was again displaying a short. I grabbed the tech (I wanted to do it about his throat, but realized that no one would be available to fix the problem). He checked his work at the axles and found them to be good. He then checked the hitch connector and discovered a loose wire. When it was tightened, I had brakes!

So off I went down I270 to I44 and off to Tulsa, OK. It was a windy day, starting out with light head winds and then turning into "gale force" cross winds - my favorite kind! I fought them the entire way. I planned to stay at an RV park halfway between Tulsa and Oklahoma City (Chandler, OK if you can believe the coincidence). By the time I arrived, it was dark and with my bug splattered windshield, I couldn't find the park, so pulled into a Wal*Mart I was passing to stay the night.

It was open 24 Hrs and had a McDonald's drive up attached. Consequently, it was really noisy from the young drivers playing load radios, honking their horns and peeling out of the parking lot. I gave up and finally put ear plugs in. They worked great. I finally went to sleep.

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