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To say that our time with the Harris ladies awas precious would be such an understatement. They welcomed us with open arms, literally and gave us such a wonderful afternoon. I am very sure that my kids will never forget it.

First I must describe the table setting which was beautiful. The theme was Autumn/Fall and the colours were orange and white with gold dinnerware. All the dishes with the food in were orange and shaped like pumpkins, except for a beautiful platter that Dad Roberts had bought for them as a gift which is white with scalloped edges. They even had little pumpkins that held our name place cards. The table looked stunning and thrilled the kids.

I must add that Ann and Alice love to decorate their home for the various holidays and so the whole house had pumkins and fall leaves decorations. It was all very charming and has inspired me, as it evidently did Dad Roberts too, to do the same. I remember Dad Roberts coming home from the US with all kinds of decorations for the various Holidays. Now I know why.

The food itself was such a blessing. Having beem on the road for two months is not exactly a culinary delight and added to that is that we try to eat very healthy and so have avoided meat and focused on eating a lot of veggies and salads. My waistline is grateful but my desire for comfort food has been unfulfilled and there's nothing to beat a home cooked dinner. There was butternut squash and rice and peas and corn and a special fruity jello and applesauce and roast pork. Delicious! Tristin enjoyed it so much he was silent throughout most of the meal and i felt the need to reassure the Harris's that I do feed him.

Shan thought she had really hit the jackpot. If you know Shan well you know she has a sweet tooth. After the meal dessert was offered an Shan's eyes lit up. First she had peach ice cream with fresh sliced peaches, then she had a brownie. Then she descovered that there are little pumkin shaped jars filled with candy just for the taking. Elton also loved it all and so did we.

We spent the afternoon driving around Pawling and learning alittle about the area and also went to a farm where we could pick our own pumpkins for carving, apples right off the tree and veggies also from the vine. The two younger ones each chose a pumkin and picked some veggies and apples.

A storm broke out on our way home and as it cleared the most beautiful rainbow appeared which we could see from one end to the other.

When we got back to the house Shan helped Alice in the kitchen making pizzas and chocolate chip cookies for dinner.

It had already been decided that we should spend the night on the verge in front of their house and leave in the morning.

There is nothing that warms my heart more to people than loving on my children and the Harris's did that from the moment the kids walked in. It really felt like we were with family.

The next morning we left for the rest of our journey through to Maine.

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