Torita's Travels 2007/08/09 travel blog

Tom & Rita

2000 Ford 250 4x4 V10

Our Conquest just prior to our purchase.

The (lover's) lane to the Cottage.

Our home in Clinton

The Cottage being lifted for the new foundation.

Lifting the Cottage.

Bobcat digging beneath Cottage.

Bobcat digging beneath Cottage.

Rita exploring new basement.

Rita exploring new basement.

Basement finished.

Cottage on foundation.

Cottage settled down on her new foundation and earth filled in around.

Our living quarters, during construction, in background.

Rita & I would like to show you our home in Clinton, Prince Edward Island. We were both employed in the Aerospace Industry. Rita was a Wire Harness Tech. at Honeywell located at Slemon Park, PEI, retiring about three years ago. Tom, a Gas Turbine Tech. was employed at Atlantic Turbines Internation also located at the Aerospace section of Slemon Park. At the first of May/07 I was declared a 'Free Man' and entered my life as a 'Retired Person". With that we entered a new phase of our lives.

We sold the house in Summerside and moved to the family cottage which is located in an area known as Clinton and it is located off Route 6 on the way between Summerside and Cavendish about 5 miles east of Kensington.

The first thing was to purchase a truck suitable to pull a 30' fifth-wheel trailer which we did, a 2000 Ford 250 V10. I would have perferred a 2X4 but the used market was only filled with 4X4's, so that's what we got!

The next step was to purchase a 5th wheel trailer .... A 2001 30' Conquest by Gulfstream. It's a rear kitchen single slide floor plan.

We lived in the 5'er for 3 months until the cottage had a new foundation under her and a new roof over her. We've moved into the Cottage on a permanent basis now, still 'living out of boxes' but getting closer to 'Normal' every day.

The one thing that's keeping us just this close to being 'Normal'is the fact that we're now prepairing to head SOUTH on the 26th of November.

We're heading for the State of Texas this year. We're looking forward to the trip down where we'll be 'dropping' in to see friends.

First off we plan to stop and say howdy to John and Rosemary in Concord.

Then we plan to cross the States to arrive in Wichita, Kansas where we'll meet Rita's Genealogy Internet friends Laura & Nan.

After that we are heading directly to Waco, TX where I shall be attending the Annual Grand Lodge of Texas Communication (Masons) where I shall deliver good wishes from the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island. We shall be staying at the I35 RV Resort during the three days of the Communication, then travelling north to Athens.

My Grandmother was born in a little cattle town called Goshen to a Prince Edward Island couple who travelled to a growing cattle town to create a future. Her father was killed there trying to stop a team of runaway horses. Her older sister also died there. After all that my Great Grandmother packed her three remaining family under her arm (all under the age of 5) and travelled back to PEI. The only thing left of Goshen is the cemetery, yes, it's a ghosttown and we would like to stand by that gravemarker.

From there we plan to winter in Schertz, at a campground called 'Stone Creek' and play things by ear!!!!!!!

This Journal is being developed to keep us more in touch with our son Jay, his wife Kathy, their beautiful children Alycia and Jocelyn, our friends at home and of course you are invited to join us in our retirement adventures.

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