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Bariloche - skiing Cerro Cathedral

Argentinas premier ski resort used to be the one close to Bariloche, called Cerro Cathedral until the resort of Las Lenas opened. Unlike Las Lenas though, with Cerro Cathedral you have a town to return to.

We are in Bariloche just at the end of the ski season & this was now beginning to show on the slopes. We went to rent the equipment, but for some reason here, unlike Cerro Castor, it was really hard to get the basic stuff. Everyone wants to know who you are & wants you to leave a pint of blood as garuantee in case you run off with their 300 times worn out crappy untrendy ski pants...

Unlike Cerror Castor this resort was more linked with traverse runs which is not so good. Given that what little snow there was is icy & hard it made for a very difficult day.

By 3pm we'd just about had enough, when we found a couple of runs with hardly anyone on them. This meant at least a good last hour or so before the legs finally gave up.

We'd planned to head into town for a hearty steak dinner but when after walking half a mile across town we found the restaurant shut.

On the way back we found another... At first all seemed well & our starters were great but after a further 1.5hrs & still no mains we complained & were told 10mins. 30 mins later still no mains & so we asked again, 10 mins we were told... another 10mins past so we got up & left... So at 11:30pm there were no further places to find food, so it was off to bed without... No so bad as it seems because we'd had the starter... & tomorrow we'll make up for it.

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