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Having lunch at the side of the road somewhere.or at a Walmart

Tristin picking wildflowers at the side of the road in North Carolina

Shan at the goat farm in N Carolina

A family we made friends with Nikki, Shane and their daughter Isabella

This mornings breakfast with our new friends from the campground

I know, we're still here in New York. What's up with that, right. Well a few things have conspired to keep us here but mostly it's just that we have had an excellent time at this KOA and have been very comfortable. It is time to move on though so I imagine that tomorrow or the day after we will be travelling again but until then I thought I would write a little and fill you in on some news.

The weekend was a lot of fun with the kids meetings lots of other kids and really just having a blast.

We also discovered that there was another travelling family in the park that are homeschooling and were absolutely thrilled. I was so excited to meet another family that we would have some things in common with such as travelling and homeschooling etc. The kids had already made friends and fortunately for us we were invited over for an informal supper braai/barbecue. What a blessing it was. We spent the evening getting to know this really great family and sharing our journeys with each other. This morning we shared breakfast as they packed up to move on. You will notice in the photo that I post that the kids are quite a big crowd. This couple are very brave as they're doing this trip with five children, the youngest being just under two years old.

This week we have slightly adjusted our homeschooling schedule. We have changed Elton's math curriculum. We found the teaching part a little too scanty and were having to do a lot of research to teach him the various concepts. He is starting pre-algebra and we really don't want him to feel anything but completely confidant. I have previously used another program, Saxon Math and have already ordered it and will start that next week. Until then we are reviewing some basic stuff like his math facts. I've also tried to organise our day a little less around workbooks. It's so easy to give the kids a bunch of workbooks but it is intensely boring anmd dull. This week I decided that I would work a lot more with unit studies (this week we are learning about birds, their anatomy, habitats and their beak and feet adaptations)and cut back the workbook stuff to Math and Shirely English. (Shirely english is a program that teaches grammar, writing and vocabulary. It's very cool and fun for the kids because all the grammar rules are put into jingles that we go over everyday. They're catchy little tunes and even Elton can't help singing along. I highly recommend it.) They will continue the typing lessons and Spanish. We are continuously learning history by watching videos and doing field trips and reading USA History for Dummies and we use a book called the Star Spangled Banner to learn facts about the geography of the country...that's beside actually touring it of course!

Some of you may be wondering why on earth I put that all in. Well, some of the people that come to our site are homeschoolers and like to compare notes and some people are family and need reassuring that I'm not neglecting my children's academic health.

I thought I would add a few reflections, now that we are two months into our journey, about how things are.

Why not use the bathroom in the RV. Well, sometimes we don't hook up to sewer and then we really try to use the public bathrooms as much as possible.

I decided the other day when I was in the shower (I do my best, most creative thinking in the shower) that I have certainly learnt a thing or two so far. For example:

Never get undressed to shower before testing to see that the shower has hot water and is clear of unexpected residents.

Never knock on anybody's RV door if the kids are outside and say that mommy and daddy are sleeping.

Don't try to do more than one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is not a clever option in an RV.

Raising your voice at any family member is a no-no. The neighbours can hear every single syllable and they immediatly think you're one of those yelling shrew types. (I know, I think that when I hear others yelling.)

Fill up the gas tank whenever you get to 1/4 tank. You never know when you'll find another gas station.

Don't keep the neighbours up with your noisy kids at night. They will return the favour by waking you up very early the next morning.

You can get away with all kinds of embarrasing situations like:

Wearing the same outfit for 3 days in a row - nobody cares

Wearing a canary yellow dressing gown with pink and black woolly socks and a pair of crocs to the bathroom - people just have a giggle

Badly behaved children that climb into dryers - we'll be leaving soon

Getting into it with your husband and then realising the neighbours heard it all - we can leave now

But my biggest lesson has been....

Don't be in such a hurry. I don't need to see it all, learn it all or do it all. Surrender to the moment and allow myself the opportunity to enjoy each moment. I really do believe that the reason time flies as I get older is because I spend more and more time looking to the future and deliberating the past instead of noticing the now. When I remember to do this I am so happy and so peaceful and these are not states of being that come easily to me.

Tonight I am most grateful for all of your love, attention and support and I thank each of you for being in our lives and for coming on this journey with us.


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