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Marian & I got together this morning and headed for downtown St. Louis to the City Hall and then to the Court House. I was searching for my fraternal grandfather's death certificate and information on his divorce from my grandmother. I was able to get a certified copy of the former, but had to leave a request at the court clerk's office for the latter. I was delighted to get the death information, as this had been a block wall for me, on line.

We took a lunch break at an Italian restaurant, Zia's, on "The Hill" in downtown St. Louis. The food was wonderful.

Our next stop was at the "New Picker's" Cemetery nearby on Gravois Avenue. This is where my Grandfather and Great Grandfather are buried. There was no caretaker present, so we just drove through the cemetery on the off chance we would find their grave sites. It was too large so we decided to go online to see if we could locate them. We then headed home before the rush hour traffic began in earnest.

Later this evening, I went online to the "new Picker's" Cemetery index but could not find his listing. Their web site indicated that not all interees are in their database. I'm not sure what my next step is.

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