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yep only us 3 could come all the way over to the other side of the world and end up in court!!

DONT PANIC, we havent been violent or broken any laws (well none that the police know about anyway!) we are simply taking our letting agents to tribunal!

i can picture you all with the puzzled looks and knotted brows on your faces so let me explain this drama from the beginning.

When we moved into our apartment there were a list of repairs that we put on our inventory, the letting agent agreed that these needed to be fixed and told us they would be fixed within a few days of us moving in. The list of repairs ranged from little things like bulbs that had blown to larger things like patio doors not working, taps missing and a constantly running tap in the bathroom. Anyway after living in the apartment for nearly a month (and complaining numerous times) the handy man finally arrives to fix everything!

well......... he fixed one tap and brought us a new tumble dryer and that was it! still had our dripping tap which fills the sink with water every 8 mins so you can imagine what our water bill is going to be like! he also managed to break the pipe on the sink so water leaks all over the bathroom floor everytime we turn the tap on!

We have worn a path out between our apartment and the letting agents, we have been there to complain that many times. Then on 21st December our toilet broke! to flush it we had to stick our hands right into the cistern and pull on the flush cord...GROSS!!! our toilet was finally fixed on January 12th but nothing else! After nearly 2 months we were getting pretty fed up so Pete and i went to see Trading Standards. They told us that we were completely within our rights to complain so we lodged an order against the Letting agent. Lo and behold the very next afternoon i had the lady from the agents screeching at me on the phone that i

"had betrayed her by not warning her about the tribunal"

"the landlord was extremely upset with us"

"we need to deal with this in a mature fashion"

"if she fixed the problems within 24 hours would we drop all charges"

Emma was extremely impressed with my calm demeanour when i told the letting agent that we had been trying to get our problem fixed for over 2 months and she had ignored our pleas, that the landlord had no right to be upset with us - we had kept our end of the tenacy agreement it was his end that was being breached & that i would not be bribed into having the repairs fixed!

So anyway we have after much more screeching (letting agent), stress (me, emma and mel) and abuse (the handyman) finally got rid of all the problems. Now though we have to decide whether or not to continue with our complaint as we could get 10% of our rent back for the last 2 months. We have taken photos, video clips, photo copied the complaint letters and could put a pretty good case together but it would mean us all losing a days wages to attend so we are not sure whether or not to just cut our losses now that our main aim has been achieved?

mmmm decisions decisions. we will keep you posted on that one!

I have started my new temp job. I am working for a big hotel chain called 'accor' right in the heart of the city - im on the 30th floor and the view is just amazing - more boring scenery shots on there way to you - sorry! only here til the end of January though, then have to find another job...

dont think i have anymore news - sorry this entry has been a bit boring and serious but as emma keeps reminding everyone..she is the funny the serious one!!! ha ha

Vik x

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