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Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow Porpoise Bay

The Whole Rainbow

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Maureen in her Sari

Maureen, Amy, Larry

Larry Without his Mustache - First Time Since he was 19!

Moving from the Peninsula Village Store - the First PCS Store

A collection of old phones collected over the years

Thanksgiving theme! (Valerie notice your pumpkins are with us!)

Thanksgiving at the Boys - Watching the Ball Game

The crab legs

Family photo after dinner

Aaron doing dishes

White Rock...Mt Baker with what looks like steam coming from the top

White Rock...sunshine in the distance


Maureen went to the cottage in Sechelt from Sept 18 to 21. It was a great time for a little puttering, a little gardening, a lot of walking (including the purchase of two new pairs of shoes) and some good eats.

As you can see the weather on the 18th was a bit wild although most of it missed Sechelt and settled in Burnaby instead.

Indian Wedding

We attended Amy Gill's wedding on the 22nd. Amy is an employee of PCS. It was a traditional East Indian wedding and quite the learning experience. Maureen borrowed a suit and a saree from Rupi. The ladies went and had their sarees tied before the reception. The service itself was held at a traditional gurudwara in Abbotsford. There were appetizers before the service and a vegetarian lunch following. Maureen was in seventh heaven! Larry not so much.

Moving the Peninsula Village PCS Store

The store closed on September 30 and will move to the corner of King George and 24th later in October. This was the first PCS store so it was a bit sad.

Lunch with the Girls

Maureen went to the regular monthy lunch with the girls October 3 - Lesley, Lil (first lunch since her broken hip - she looked great), June and Mary Wade. They had the usual fun time but this time no one had to go back to work so it lasted for 2 1/2 hours!!

Dinner at Andrea's

On October 4 we went for dinner at Andrea's (Larry's HR person at PCS). She had invited her mom and dad whom Maureen worked with on several galas at PACS. It was a great evening.

Personal Trainer

We decided we needed some assistance with exercise for the trip. We went to see the personal trainer as seen in the Peace Arch News (Kevin Reid, Physical Dynamics) for three sessions. He showed us workouts using tubes and weights as well as equipment we might find in exercise rooms at RV parks. He really made us work and is affectionately (I'm sure) known as "the bastard".


We went to the boys' house for Thanksgiving dinner. We brought the tenderloin and they already had some Alaskan King Crab legs in their freezer so we had a feast. Kelly cooked up a good meal and Aaron and Maureen did the dishes. It could be the first time Aaron has done the dishes without the aid of a dishwasher!

Hockey Game

The four of us attended the Vancouver/Philly hockey game on October 10. It was horrible! However, the coincidences continue for us - as we came out of the eating area we ran into Larry's brother, Glenn from Victoria. What are the odds!

Shelves, Kitchen table

On October 9 we took our motorhome out to Kustom Koach for some warranty work as well as having the kitchen table lowered (to a height suitable for us short people) and had some shelves made for the bedroom closet. The guys there chose red cedar to make the shelves and they look amazing. Maureen filled them up really fast. We stayed at the Ocean Promenade Hotel (in your former suite, Rita) for the two nights the motorhome was in for work. When we returned on Thursday it was to find that someone had stolen the sewer hose we had left behind. We packed up and prepared for our leaving the next day.

Next time we talk, we'll be "south"!

Cheers, Maureen & Larry

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