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Lago Blanco... cold & wet

Beaver damage

As far south as we get on this trip...

Next stop Antarctica

King Crab dinner

Tierra Del Fuego

This really is as south as you can get. Of course you can jump on a boat and go to Antartica but this is the far most southerly point for us on our tour.

It's raining and cold and is like a damp autumn english day, apparently this is a typical day for spring in Ushuaia.

We are on a minibus for a half day tour that takes us to visit the damage the beavers are doing here, lago Blanco and the very tip of S America.

Beaver problems were created because the beaver was introduced by the Spanish to control the local forest, unfortunately, the beavers had no predators and the forests have severely suffered. Now you can be paid 20 dollars per beaver you kill. Let the hunting begin??? Ah, well they only come out at night & are really hard to spot...

After a short (it was too cold for any longer) around the platform at the end of S America, it was back on the bus and home.

All in all a good morning but we're glad we were on a bus and not in the rain.

Tomorrow, the early morning bus to El Calafate.

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