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Dominical - Cute dog that came across in Domincal

Thankfully the only hiking to be done over the next month or so involves only dragging my backpack no more than half a kilometre to the nearest bus station. Everything is just about the surfing now as we make our way west along the Costa Rican Pacific coast stopping at one surf town after another in search of 'some gnarly waves dude!'.

First stop was Dominical via San Isidro a very large town where Tamara who tells me she isn't a girly girl came over to me grinning saying "I've just seen the biggest shoe shop ever!" Thank God I was a true gent and offered to mind the bags rather than face the hell that all men know so well of being dragged around a shop by a woman and being asked questions that you can't possibly answer and if you do you'll always say the wrong thing GUARANTEED!

Dominical is definitely not shy about being what it's about...surfing and nothing but. Its my first time back in the water since my little accident a month or so ago and Dominical proves to be a tough introduction, pretty big waves, messy water and a killer current that propels you miles away from where you started. Was nice for a few days but soon decided to try and move on and find more beginner-friendly waves.

ps. Just like you guys back home I haven't managed to extricate myself completely from office routine as my mornings are spent sipping a brew and checking emails, although back home I never used to do that after just having a morning surf.

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