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Marian & I headed down to the library by following a group member who had been there before. We chose to park in the library parking lot for a $7/day fee, rather than scrounge for street parking.

The Group had a 10 AM tour, by the manager of the Genealogy Department, which covered all the areas of the 41 KSF Genealogy Department in the Allen County Public Library. He explained what information could be found where, how to work the movable stacks of reference books, how to work the readers & scanners, etc. The thing that I found incredible was that all copies made by the department printers, connected to the computers, was free. The only copies that would cost us would be of book pages. You could bring in your digital camera and photograph those book pages or you could bring in your scanner and scan those book pages. Most libraries won't allow that.

The library facility is relatively new - a few years old. It is brightly lit due to skylights and the lighting fixtures. It has a café for breakfast and lunch (which is where Marian and I ate). It has Wi-Fi throughout. I use it rather than my Verizon Data Card. In doing so, my computer looks to their servers as one of their own computers. This allows me access to their proprietary data bases.

I work at one of many tables and secure my laptop to the table leg. This allows me to move around and not worry about losing the computer. It shouldn't be an issue, as most of our Group is here with me at the same tables.

I can't believe how awesome and user friendly this library is!

We broke for lunch in the library café and spent the rest of the afternoon researching and filling in some of the gaps in my ancestor's data.

From here, we stopped at Applebee's, on the way home, and picked up dinner. We spent the evening talking about the day, the facility and the results.

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