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Glen and I visited the commercial property owner across the street to see if I could park my coach in their lot overnight. We didn't get to see the owner, but talked to the manager of the business. She called the owner for us and we got permission.

On the way in to pick up the coach from the service center, we stopped by the other business that the owner was at and spoke with her face to face. She was a lovely person and again gave us permission to park on her property across the street from Glen.

Glen and I continued on down to pick up the coach. It was mostly ready. The body dept. had the bin door straightened and primed but not yet painted. The refrigerator was working on LPG. It just needed a cleaning from all the AK dust. The trailer lights work but the coach and trailer lights did not work when I brought it in. They jerry-rigged a fix, until I return, so that I have coach lights.

The rest of the day was spent reloading all the stuff that I had moved into Glen's house - food, clothes, computer/printer, etc. Marion came by with her stuff to load, as I couldn't drive the rig to her house and turn around to get back out. I will pick her up in the morning on the way out of town at her cross street.

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