Greg's 2007 Odyssey travel blog

The Art Museum, Forest Park, St. Louis, MO

Solmething you don't see very often.

Three hours before the event and the folks already there.

The 1st balloon up.

The 2nd balloon up.

One balloon's "glow."

The Energiser Bunny up.

The Art Museum, Forest Park, St. Louis, MO on the way back...

Today was another lazy day.

Val, Glen & I went to lunch at their favorite lunch restaurant. After lunch, we returned home to drop Val off and then did a little grocery shopping for my trip next week to Ft. Wayne, IN.

I later joined Rudy, Kathy and Christy to attend the Balloon Fiesta Glow event in Forest Park, St. Louis. It was pretty windy and that prevented the balloon pilots from inflating them all at the same time. Each seemed to struggle getting hot air into them, then controlling them in the air (many people, including observers, were needed to hold the basket on the ground but were still dragged around). So after a few minutes of this struggle, they deflated the balloons and called it a day. So it turned out to be an unevent. We then had to make our way through thousands of observers back to Rudy's car for the trip home. Half way home, we remembered that we met Christy at a hospital parking lot halfway back to St. Louis and had to take her back to her car. Rudy, Kathy and I finally arrived home about 10 PM. While the evening Glow was a bust, we always enjoy each other's company.

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