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Monday 10th September 2007

Went to put laundry in with Owen after breakfast and somehow ended up on boat to las islas having been accosted in the street by a very persistent tout...well I was going to do it at some point I guess. and having drinks and lunch before returning at 5pm, drinks and dinner at pizza place at end of road then drinks at Central Hostel

Tuesday 11th September 2007

Met with maria pick up laundry and lunch at art cafe, footy at sports bar, power out, dinner at pizza place and drinking up the street

Wednesday 12th September 2007

met with Maria

Thursday 13th September 2007

work at 8am, owen at lake, very rainy and stormy afternoon, coke at hotel on parque, saw canadian couple there, dinner at mexican and drinks at el club

Friday 14th September 2007

bit late for work after breakkie, burger lunch at sports bar, beer at hostel, bearded monkey to meet owens mates, dance club

Saturday 15th September 2007

late for work, back to bed, burger dinner at Hotel on Parque with Owen, Munich dvd, internet, bed at 10pm

Sunday 16th September 2007

work until 12noon, no money changer, Laura come around about the school, sex and the city, lunch at hippy cafe, ER,

Monday 17th September 2007

Worked and went to bank to change money then when I was on the internet Ming Ha walked in after a massage and we had lunch at Safari Lounge then walked around the market and got ice cream at Euro Cafe then she went back to the crater lake. I watched Sex and the city again unti the power went out and then was on the internet and read during the really bad rain.

Tuesday 18th September 2007

Worked with Eddie until after noon then went out for lunch at the curry place where I had bad sweet and sour and then got muffin and brownie at euro cafe on way home. Had a swim and then looked at flights on the internet. Then Tammy, Fernando and Ming has came back from the lake and we got Mexican before the power went out and then watched Americas Sweethearts on laptop.

Wednesday 19th September 2007

Day off. Laura met me at the hostel and we walked out of town towards the school in the rain. Hadn't opened the gates yet. Met Elsa and gave the kids breakfast. Sat with them as they learned then danced and played with them and served lunch before trying to get them to sleep. Laura got lunch on the street and I ate my muffin at the hostel. She moved in and we used the pool in the afternoon. Dressed and went on the internet and studied then got dinner at Bearded Monkey and beer.

Thursday 20th September 2007

Worked, money problems on the street, lunch at Art Deco Cafe, Internet cafe, phoned home

Friday 21st September 2007

Lauras last day at school. Drinks in afternoon, missed happy hours, left to have rum at oasis then back for chips, then on to El Club and Cafe Nuit for drinks

Saturday 22nd September 2007

Hungover and grumpy and got in pool after lunch. Laura not well. Lunch at burger grill then tried to watch a movie but didn't get far and went to Bearded Monkey for beer and dinner and brownie! and trivial pursuit

Sunday 23rd September 2007

not feeling the best, back to bed in the afternoon after lunch at local mens beer place around corner, woke at 5pm and went for pizza dinner at which point I felt really unwell and hot and got in pool when we got back whilst watching t.v.

Monday 24th September 2007

Day off, bus to laguna and hitch and walk to Craters Edge with Laura. swam and read and bus back. watched Mystic River with Laura Dinner at Bearded Monkey, trivial pursuit but couldn't eat my curry as hot and ill. watched School of rock for a bit

Tuesday 25th September 2007

Eyes a mess. Laura left. hardly ate all day, spent afternoon in internet cafe then dinner at Safari Lounge and met Paul. Watched Family Stone DVD and went to bed.

Wednesday 26th September 2007

Eyes worse. Worked in kitchen then back to bed 11 until 2pm and went to doctors and got prescription. weigh 129 pounds apparently! Weatherman dvd then dinner at chicken place around corner and early night.

Thursday 27th September 2007

arranged classes for next week

Friday 28th September 2007

Saturdsay 29th Stepbmer 2007

worked, card arrived, wow canopy tour, dinner at fast food chicken place, beer

Sunday 30th September 2007

worked, studied from book

Monday 1st October 2007

worked, class with Carol, dinner at Bearded Monkey

Tuesday 2nd October 2007

worked, class with Carol, dinner at Rosti Pollo

Wednesday 3rd October 2007

day off, studied in morning, class at 2pm, dinner at Bar and Grill

Thursday 4th October 2007

worked, class at 2pm, dinner at Safari Lounge

Friday 5th oCTOBER 2007

worked, class, dinner at other pizza place,

Saturday 6th October 2007

work, studied all afternoon, money stolen, rained all day, on internet, tooth ache, Cafe Nuit with Matt

Sunday 7th October 2007

Overslept, gave me free day, back to bed until 2am, read, shop with John, studied verbs, watched Catch me if you can, rained all day

Monday 8th October 2007

working, class, fed up, lunch at Bearded Monkey, internet, study

Tuesday 9th October 2007

dinner at safari lounge

Wednesday 10th October 2007

dinner at chicken place

THursday 11th October 2007

Worked, class, lots of homework, dinner at Top chicken

Friday 12th October 2007

Worked, last class, dinner at Bearded Monkey, sex andthe city, talking to Annelise

Saturday 13th October 2007

worked, internet dyed hair

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