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La Fortuna - Ride 'em up cowboy..this horse lack is easy.

La Fortuna - view of Lake Arenal with Volcán Arenal in the...

La Fortuna - Yeehaa, lets ride!!! Tamara and I admiring the lake...

La Fortuna - Mullet man showing perfect dancing symmetry in his arms...

La Fortuna - Volcán Arenal from the banks of lake Arenal

La Fortuna - Tamara and Ida enjoying a swim in the freezing...

La Fortuna - Was amazing to see the volcanic lava rocks tumbling...

La Fortuna

Next stop was La Fortuna, a small but totally tourist centric town nestled in between Lake Arenal and Volcan Arenal. I took the jeep-horse-boat-jeep travel option from Monteverde which included a guide horse trek with Jose aka The Mullet (see pic). Not having ridden before was a bit scary to be on a huge horse when it started galloping because it hated being behind Tamara's horse, I didn't really fancy getting more stitches after only having then out the day before. Was all cool though and I'm sure I set a dashing profile of a man that knew how to ride, come on I've seen enough John Wayne films to have picked it up, all you need is to say 'Yeeha' followed by 'Woeee'...see easy.

Ok so In La Fortuna you do only two things, spend a Fortuna...ha ha...(oh me so funny!). Secondly you go to see the active Volcán Arenal then pass by one of the hot springs to bath in volcanically heated water. Being the totally independent, off the beaten track, free thinking tourist that I am I follow convention and do both. We got lucky with the volcano and were able to see it spew hot red lava rocks from its summit - think I'll pass on climbing this one. The hot springs were a challenge, was so difficult to choose which of the 9 different pools, each with pool bar, to go to - I'll say it again, this backpacking lack is so hard.

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