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Mather Campground in Canyon Village.

7am and steve is ready for the 7 mile hike to the...

Mist in the morning.

The trail unfolds beneath.

Cedar resthouse. 2 miles down.

Our destination ... the Colorado River, some 7000ft below!

Come on Lucy hurry up!!!

The tunnel bridge leading to Bright Angel Campground, our accommodation for the...

View from our camping plot on the Canyon floor...beautiful.

Home for the night.

We arrived at the Canyon village at dusk, and saw the rim as we drove in...Wow! The national park is beautiful, green with pine trees and a lovely temperature, 20 degrees cooler than the heat of the desert.

We stopped off at the store to get supplies, roll matss and gas stove for out little adventure. We checked in to our campground (Mather) and set up the tent for the first time..abandoned the instructions and used common took a while!! ha ha

Up at 6am Sun morning ready for our hike into the Canyon. Carrying 4.5 litres of water each, plus camping gear and food supplies for the next three days our rucksacks weighed a tonne! We set off from South Kaibab trail head, heading seven miles down to the Colorado River at the floor of the Canyon..are we mad? A route usually taken by experienced hikers cos there is no water en route (something we found out after!!).

Had a great decent, enjoying the views and the excuse to eat lots of chocolate for energy! Four hours into out hike we started to flag as the temperature sored to over 100 degrees, by the time we reached our destination (Bright Angel Campground) we were exhausted and paddled in the creek to cool our aching feet.

Our camping plot was great, right on the edge of the creek, with a picnic table but little else (wot no shower!) We set up the tent and bascially slept for the rest of the day. Took an hour and a half to get the stove to work but the Chicken in a bag went down well by candle light by the creek... ahhhhh!

See next entry for Grand Canyon continued!

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