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First night at the Tango show

Tango Show

View of the dykes at the River Plate

Tall Ship in the dock

Ministry of Information

La Recoleta Cemetery

La Recoleta Cemetery

La Recoleta Cemetery

Evita's Family Tomb

Evita's Family Tomb

Various buildings & sites around Buenos Aires

Various buildings & sites around Buenos Aires

Various buildings & sites around Buenos Aires

Various buildings & sites around Buenos Aires

Various buildings & sites around Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

As with most big cities I guess, the guide books can't hope to cover everything. However, we just were not that sure what to see and what not to see in BA. We are not museum lovers so the prospect of trawling around the many museums here was not on the agenda.

Instead, BA was a place for us to unwind and relax for a few days. It gives us the opportunity to catch up on the blog, post stuff home and just chill.

Our hotel is known as a 'boutique hotel' because it is small, with a more attentive service. It is in the Palermo district and only 5mins walk to the nearest metro station. Actually, the hotel is lovely.

Our first night we did not have dinner, largely due to arriving so late and so the hotel made us coffee and cakes.

The next day (Fri) we spent most of the morning planning the next few weeks and booking flights. We have decided, if we can get the flights changed, to skip Tahiti. That way we can spend a little bit (10 days) of time in Australia.

Thanks though to British Airways we cannot easily change our flights. Why, do we have to make everything sooo complicated in the UK. LAN and GOL for example allow you to book online, select your seats while booking, check in, even if you have luggage... And, up to an hour before your flight, actually change or cancel the booking free of charge online.

BA on the otherhand require you to call a premium rate number in the UK which is continuously engaged and want to charge us to make changes...

That said, Aerolineas Argentinas are equally a pain in the rear as you have to book online but pay in person.

Anyway, Friday evening we went to a Parillia which means Grill. This is not like a Beefeater back home though since the Parillias here are usually classy restaurants with excellent food and high quality wines.

In fact, we've had more steaks in the last 2 or so months than we'd have in a year back home and have honestly not yet had a bad one. I think at least 30% of those back home would have been fatty or tough. In fact, you almost never leave anything on the plate the meat is so lean...

We cannot understand why meat in the UK can be served so catastrophically wrong.

Saturday morning meant a trip to the local Aerolineas office to pay, then in the afternoon we had a look around town. Plenty of shops and we did a little buying, with both of us ending up with jeans and T-shirts.

In the evening, we had a gourmet meal (ask Fi) and then went to a Tango show. They move their feet so fast that you expect there to be painful accidents. Fantastic night though.

On Sunday morning we visited the Recoletta cemetery. The graveyard is not like those at home, but more like a mini town with streets lined with house-sized tombs. There are famous people here, but the one we want to see is Eva Peron's.

In the afternoon, followed the guide book walking tour of the city taking in some local sites.

Next day (Monday), it rained hard all day. Up till now on the entire tour we had only seen about 2 days rain. Now BA weather is making up that shortfall. Still, the hope is that the rain will wash away another hazard around town. Pooo

Yes, there are obviously many dogs and no laws to ensure their owners stop them defecating on the pavements. The dogs that is... You spend most of the time looking where you are stepping otherwise it could get messy. Then of course, there is evidence of Argentinas shattered economy everywhere, ranging from broken pavements, beggars, rubbish... It is quite sad.

What made us laugh was when a couple of roller bladers edged past us. Walking is difficult, let alone rollerskating your way round the poo, pot holes and puddles.

The metro is very cheap though, 11pence to go anywhere in the city, bargain eh? Taxis are reasonable too.

So on Monday, thanks to the rain we did not do too much.

Tuesday was a little better weather wise and we visited the waterfront. We had lunch sitting opposite the dykes (sorry, women in comfortable shoes) and then went to the Evita museum. A one and only museum trip here.

To round the evening off we had another Parillia... Lush.

We are now on our way to Ushuaia and to the far most southern city on the planet. After a few days of ice related activities we will start our homeward leg up the andes once more, crossing into Chille, then out to Easter Island, Australia and then home.

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