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Today, I picked up Judy and went down to a golf course club house to meet our old high school friend Bob for lunch and to check out the banquet facilities for next year's 50th High School Reunion. The facility met our needs and Judy signed a contract for the event, planned for June 20, 2008.

Bob invited us to go to his golf club for drinks. His lovely wife, Donna, joined us. We sat outside on the clubhouse veranda, overlooking the 9th & 18th holes, enjoying the cool breeze and each other's company.

Bob & Donna then invited us to tour their new home across the street from the golf course entrance. It was beautiful. They have five married daughters with children. The house has been designed so that visiting kid's families are housed on the ground floor (multiple bedrooms/bathrooms, living/dining room, kitchen and a screened-in patio). Bob and Donna have the upper floor, with similar amenities.

As Judy and I were leaving, a neighbor was coming home and opened her garage door with her in-car remote. At the same time, my car doors unlocked. I don't know if her remote did that or if I touched my door remote. We had great fun having the neighbor closing and opening her garage door to see if my car doors would lock and unlock. We finally concluded that it must have been a coincidence and that I must have pressed the button while it was in my pocket.

After dinner with Glen & Val, I had Glen look at what genealogical information I had gathered to see if he could help me fill in some of the missing information. He gave me some clues for further research.

I finally got to read Jenny's text message from earlier today. Her new little one being created is a girl and due around 2/10/08. Congratulations to Bryan and Jenny!

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