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Outside the old walled city


Yes, it's a Lambo!





Here we are in Italy. After a four-hour drive from Graz, we arrived in Biancade at Hotel All'Orso, 12 km outside of Treviso. Autobahn driving is quite straight forward; unfortunately, driving within Italian towns is not quite as easy. The towns are filled with roundabouts that can certainly get a person turned roundabout!

We did manage to find our way to the walled town of Treviso. The walled part of the town is surrounded by a moat. It was fairly quiet mid afternoon on a Monday as many of the shops were closed, but it was still a lovely walk. We found a Bar Caffe where we enjoyed our first Italian meal of lasagna and/or penne with gorgonzola cheese and ham. We struggled a bit to communicate with our server as we had forgotten our Italian phrase book in the car, but in the end we all received enough to eat and drink! We struggled a bit getting back out of Treviso. Hopefully our journey to Venice in the morning will be easier. We will keep our fingers crossed. We are all looking forward to seeing the famous sitting and experiencing the Vaparetto (water bus).

Hotel All'Orso

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