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Corcovado - Cristo Redentor

Long shot of Sugar Loaf mountain

Copacabana Beach

Ipanema Beach

Long shot of Cristo Redentor

We landed on the little runway (stopped with a couple of feet...

Sugar Loaf (Pao de Acucar)

Us with Copacabana in the background

Sunset (1) behind Cristo Redentor from Sugar Loaf

Sunset (2) behind Cristo Redentor from Sugar Loaf

Another sunset view of Cristo Redentor

Another view of Copacabana

This morning we came close to getting scammed. Full marks to the Lonely Planet guide as thankfully we had previously read about it and were prepared. The scam is this...

Without you noticing, someone smears something (ketchup, mustard, poo) on you, either your bag or shoe. A little further on, someone else kindly spots the mess, stops you and offers to help clean it off. Either they do it there or take you into a side alley where they then rob you.

Anyway, we'd just come out of a cash point and about 100yards down the road a man tries to stop us, pointing at my shoe. We keep going but notice that somehow, somewhere a huge dollop of mustard has been smeared on my shoe. Realising what's going on we step up the pace and ignore the man. He gets insistent and even angry as we keep going. Eventually I shout at him to F-Off and we push on to get away from him. Very angry, he gives up pestering but while making a bee line for our hotel to clean up we are convinced he is probably following. Be careful of you do come here...

Unperturbed we put the minor annoyance behind us and set off to the Corcovado mountain. This is probably the iconic image everyone conjures up when you mention Rio, for the Corcovado mountain has the Cristo Redendor figure standing on top overlooking Rio below.

We got a taxi to the base and then the cog train up the mountain, about a 20min ride.

At the top its a lift or, as we opted for, a short climb up to the statue. The 38m high, 1145 ton Cristo Redentor was carved at ground level, transported up the Corcovado by cog train and then assembled at the top. It can be seen from almost everywhere in Rio and provides the tourist with great photo ops. And trust me, there are tourists everywhere, and its not peek season.

The views down to Rio, Ipanema and Copacabana are spectacular. We can see across to the Pao de Acucar (sugar loaf) where we are off to next to watch the sun set over Rio.

So a short cab ride and we get the first of 2 cable cars up to the top. Of course, in answer to all your questions... No we did not see Jaws with his metalled teeth from James Bonds, Moonraker. I did see a girl with a large brace who looked like Jaws' girlfriend...

Can you image Roger Moore when his agent breaks the news to him. "hey sorry Roge, old boy, but the next Bond flick has to be in Rio, and at Carnival time, hope that's not too much of a bore old chap"...

Brazilian boys and girls certainly DO take care of their tanned bodies...

Anyway, at the top, Fi with a beer and Marcel a Caipirinhi we sit and watch the sun set behind Rio, it's beautiful.

Then back to the hotel and food.

Tomorrow is a rest day for us and a bit of housekeeping.

Next day

We did some posting and hotel booking in the morning then hit the beach in the afternoon. Lush!!! Sitting there on Ipanema beach soaking in the sun. We went in the sea...who'd of thought the Atlantic would be so blue...but soooo rough. We struggled to stand and were several times knocked to our feet by the waves, followed by much laughter.

So last night in Rio and we had another Churrascaria... Yum

Tomorrow we are off to Paraty on the Costa Verde for more beach time and a bit of island hoping...

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