Jane and Terry - Around the World 21st May '04 to 20th April '05 travel blog


Massive Lizzard...

JG swimming in a croc free pool...

Terry copying the local kids and jumping in (looks like he's irish...

Drove to Eungella national park to spot some very rare Platypus. I saw two, much smaller then expected but very cute.

Lovely swim in lagoon, cold but very clear!

TS: Really pleased to see 4 platypus. They are really difficult to find because they avoid humans, and tend to only come out at dusk and dawn. Much smaller than I thought (unless they were all babies ?). Nice views from the top of the hills there.

Didn't like the drive in the dark afterwards up north. Terrified of hitting a kangaroo which could wreck the car. Drove fairly slowly (and behond lorries) just in case.

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