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The police pursuit vehicle

Talking with the police

On Thursday night we had to go and pick up our visas from the travel agency and near to the travel agency we had seen a really nice park and we decided to go a bit early and walk a different way and thru the park.

On the way to the park we were laughing cos we passed the police station and parked out the front are 2 police golf buggies. Willy took a picture of them for us to post on our webpage and put a caption that they were the 'pursuit vehicles'.

Anyway we got a little lost and ended up on the other side of the park in an industrial area. We were just walking along and the next thing this man comes and grabs Dianne by the ears. Now in hind sight you would probably panic and wonder what he was doing, but a similar thing happened to me in the Philippines where a man just walked up to me and pinched me, it was really strange. This man came up behind Dianne like he knew her and was like going to squeeze her cheeks from behind or something, but he was stealing her earrings!

It happens so fast, Willy has always said not to worry cos he could chase anyone down. But by the time you realise what has happened it is too late. Lucky Dianne wasn't hurt but the man got away with one of her gold hoop earrings

We happened to be out the front of a garage at the time and the people there were as shocked as us that it had happened and were on the phone to the police straight away. We weren't really worried about it and didn't won't off called the police but they had done it so it was too late.

So we are sitting around waiting and laughing, joking that the police would turn up in the golf buggy we had seen earlier. And they did! It was so funny, these 2 Chinese policeman cruising up a main 4 lane road in their golf buggy to respond to a call! They didn't speak any English so they were talking to the mechanic, who saw the guy and could describe what he was wearing and off they went again in the buggy to look for the guy!

Now this is the funniest bit. 5 minutes later they come back with some random guy in the back of the buggy. The poor guy had no idea what was going on and as soon as they pulled up all the mechanics were saying no no that's not him, so the police just let him go and the poor guy has to walk back to where they picked him up from!

So we then got a ride back to the police station in the buggy! Where we were met by a policeman from foreign affairs! Who interviewed Dianne then insisted on driving us back to our hotel in the police van.

Ah, you have to laugh at these things or you will cry. It can happen anywhere hey. Think Willy and I have walked down much seedier streets, spent 3 weeks in the Philippines and nothing had ever happened, who would have thought just some town in China, that isn't even a tourist place. Fortunately Dianne wasn't hurt and was laughing at all the crazy happenings also.

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