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Getting our noodles made

We arrived into Nanning at 4.30am and found a hotel with a room for AU$10.00 for the 3 of us (yay!) and had a bit of a nap. Finally we got our passports in for our Vietnamese visas and had a chance to explore Nanning a bit. It's a much nicer town that Guangzhou with wide streets and parks and cheap street food. Actually I think Nanning is the cheapest place we have stayed so far! It only cost us $15.00 one day and $25.00 the next day with coffee! And it's such a charismatic town! Out on our walks we passed farmers coming into town on their horse and carts, senior citizens having waltz sessions in the park and we went out for breakfast on the street and the man handmade the noodles right in front of us. It's been really fun

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