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Dianne and John in their beds!

I have to write a whole blog about our trip from Guangzhou to Nanning!

Firstly we decided we would head to the bus station a couple of hours early as we didn't really know where it was and it all looked pretty confusing. But it all worked out fine since our bus tickets where in Chinese we actually got escorted to the area our bus was to leave from. So since we were fairly early (and the bus was late) it was quite a place for some people watching.

Now firstly for some reason the Chinese babies have no crotch in their pants...... well the reason from what we witnessed was so their parents can just dangle them over the bin (just any normal bin in a public place) so they can go to the toilet. We witnessed this quite a few times. Anyway all these babies are going to the toilet in the bin and Dianne was cleaning out her bag and came across a bag of grapes we had brought a couple of days earlier. There was nothing wrong with them but we didn't really want to lug them with us so she put them in the bin.

An hour or so later (and a few babies going to the toilet) the cleaning lady comes along to empty the bin. She doesn't just empty the bin but proceeds to go thru it with her hands and separate the recyclables (with no gloves on) and its obviously a known fact that the kids wee in the bin because the bus station wasn't the only place we had seen it and everyone was doing it. Already we are pretty grossed out by this and then she finds the grapes Dianne had put in the bin earlier. Note they are in a bag but the bag isn't tied at the top. She gets them out of the bin ties a knot in the bag and off she goes with them..........ew , ew, ew!

Anyway our bus turns up. Willy and I had caught a few night buses before for long trips and usually they are pretty plush buses with reclining seats, but this bus was a bus with beds! There were 3 rows of bunks down the length of the bus, each about 5ft 5" long and 2ft wide. It was so funny, we couldn't believe it! They had very comfy mattresses, pillows and doonas, all you need for a good night's sleep. And I must admit it was the best night's sleep I had ever had on a bus before!

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