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View of falls from Brazilian side

Friendly Coatis

Closer to the falls

The viewing platform at the base of the Devil's Throat

The Devil's Throat from further away

The Devil's Throat up close

Side on from above

This is where the speedboat takes us...

Ready to get wet???

Wet T-Shirt contestant winners

A perfect waterfall

Long shot from the Argentine side

More falls

Top of the Devil's Throat on the Argentine side

Devil's Throat

Posing for photos

Derek & Diana

View of the falls

Iguazu Falls

The Falls are located in the far North Eastern tip of Argentina and form a border between Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

The guide books recommend that you visit both sides of the falls if possible. The best way being to hire a guide. Our hotel offered the option of a driver which we took and this was a good decision.

First, to the Brazilian side. This involved a few border formalities on both sides of a bridge which has half painted in Argentine colours and the other in Brazilian.

The Brazilians have really capitalised on the mass tourist market as it appears most visitors visit that side. It is similar to an Alton Towers style theme park with buses complete with piped jungle sounds. There are helicopter rides, rock climbing, abseiling, white water raft, canoe and other adventure activities available...all at extra cost onto of the pricey park fee.

The park bus drops us at a trail head which winds its way for about 1.3km beside the falls leading up the spectacular finale of the Devils Throat fall. The panoramic views are spectacular and nothing could of prepared us for the beauty and sheer size of these falls. They are not just a single fall but many.

Thankfully, we appear to have come just out of season and mid week which means much less people. There are still a few crowds but the empty and very long queuing lanes give away another story.

The trails end is just at the bottom of the Devils Throat and standing in the spray was fun...(little do we know what's to come).

Our driver had only given us 2.5hrs for the Brazilian side, indicating we would have 6hrs on the Argentine side. We were beginning to wonder what we'd do with all the time.

Back on the Argentinian side and at their park, almost totally deserted, we were directed by our driver to opt for the complete package. This included a ride and guide to the lower trail, a speedboat ride up the Iguazu, then a close up view of the falls and finally a walk close the the falls. The guide and ride was a bit of a waste of time and before long we were at a little boat station and packing our packs into waterproof bags. We then boarded a powerboat and literally stormed up the river towards the falls. This was by far more exciting that the jet boats in New Zealand.

When we got close to the base of some of the falls we had a photo op and I noticed the driver and guides had donned full submersable know the kind of gear you see atlantic boatsmen wearing... And us tourists are all just sitting there in our shorts and t-shirts. Hmmm

Then the boat powers into the base of Fall Bossetti... Its like walking into a shower, having a firemans hose spray you... Or come to think of it, just like waking under a waterfall...

We are soaked, water pouring out of every seem on our clothers.

And then as if once was not enough, was there anyone left breathing??? The driver did it again and again... It was fantastic fun and given the heat of the day made actually a welcome cooler. Better than a Cornetto eh?

After our shower it was time to walk round the tops of the falls. On the way we saw Coatis, bit like a raccoon, but they have sadly learnt the value of tourists with food and beg continuously.

Actually, walking around the falls in many ways is a nicer option. You get to see the falls up really close and feel the power of the water.

We then caught the train out to the top of the Devils Throat, Argentine side. Here we met Derek and Diana from NZ and swapped stories.

Fiona and I much preferred the top of the Devils Throat exudes power as millions of gallons of water plummet over the edge litterally right in front of you. The spray rising up creates a smokey atmosphere and it is a beautiful place to just stand and take it all it.

So after a really great day out, its back to the hotel to pack, go to town for food then bed. Tomorrow we fly to Sao Paulo and our Brazilian adventure starts...

Incidentally, can't believe we are over half way into the trip now... We are almost on the homeward leg... Where has the last 2 months time gone... ???

Weather check... Just to make you all jealous. We have counted only 4 days rain and only then a few little showers. On the whole we have had sunny days and with our journey northward again the temperature climbs. Its 25degrees today, high humidity and a blistering sun... Lush!!!

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